Top 5: Sustainable Looks by Emma Watson

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The Press Tour is Emma Watson’s latest Instagram Account, showing just how sophisticated and red carpet-ready sustainable fashion can be

It was one of my top five favorite films growing up: Beauty and the Beast. A French fairytale that couldn’t have been darker or dreamier – an extremity of contrast that makes it as appealing and exciting today. So it’s no wonder that the re-make is enjoying such popularity – and also last but not least because Emma Watson is playing the role of Belle.

If you’re not already in love with the British actress, you’ll certainly be after her tour: She’s not just a UN Goodwill Ambassador for women’s and girl’s rights, didn’t just give away books on the streets of New York, and didn’t just battle through the male-dominated magic world of Harry Potter, but is also paying attention to where and how the clothes she wears during her world press tour are made.

Whether young, sustainable new designers or the eco-friendly lines of large traditional houses, her glamorous mix succeeds in making it perfectly clear just how red carpet-ready sustainable fashion can be.

What better reason to take a closer look and pick out our top five looks and labels:

1. Svilu

©Instagram | the_press_tour

Svilu is aware of its social and environmental responsibilities. With the goal of creating beautiful garments that don’t leave a footprint behind them, the label is based on organic cotton, fair wages, and animal-friendly conditions – all of which hits the brand’s philosophy on the head: mindfully made.

Instagram @svilu

2. Coltrane

©Instagram | the_press_tour

Since 2016, Switzerland-based designer Amihan Zemp has concentrated on clean, elegant cuts that emphasize the intrinsic nature of their organic materials for her brand Coltrane. Important: All garments are designed in Switzerland, and also manufactured in a small, 150-year-old factory. “This is a resilient eco-system with a heritage I aim to preserve and develop.”


3. behno

©Instagram | the_press_tour

Sustainability also means being resourceful when it comes to staff members. After a visit in India, Shivam Punjya founded behnoa company that produces clothing under good and sustainable conditions to responsibly support industry in the country: From employment to women’s rights, fair pay and working conditions all the way to sustainable production standards, the company follows an integrated approach.

Instagram: @behno_official

4. Cienne New York

©Instagram | the_press_tour

Operating under the motto “Minimally designed, thoughtfully considered”, Cienne creates sustainable fashion in the middle of New York’s Garment District. Think cuts that layer and will stay in your closet longer than just one season.

Instagram @cienne_ny

5. Tome

©Instagram | the_press_tour

Tome has always seen itself as a company that’s inspired by the size and form of all women. And it’s exactly this aspiration that forms the foundation for all of its current designs. Inspired by women’s movements from around the world, the label is also only using sustainable organic fabrics throughout the entire collection.

Instagram @tomenyc

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For more impressions – and to learn about even more labels – follow her Instagram account @the_press_tour.

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Translation: Melissa Frost