Top 3 Podcasts: Fashion No Filter, Pardon My French & Oh Boy

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Fashion No Filter, Pardon My French, Oh Boy & Monocycle: Julia Knolle’s three favorite Podcasts

My way to work is, unfortunately, not very long – it’s about five minutes, which means that I always feel like I’m exaggerating things a bit when I put on my headphones for that short walk and about 2 ½ of my favorite songs. The same goes for Podcasts. I have to seek out a different routine for those – the classic example of listening in on those exciting conversations on the train, well…for now that’s just not happening.

Diving into the topic of favorite Podcasts takes a little time – at least the time in which to have heard them all. But today we’re making a start on this obvious format for relevant digital editorial with the ones closest to us:

1. Fashion No Filter

Funnily enough, we’ve featured our favorite Instagram superwoman Camille Charrière as well as her colleague Monica Ainley. In the current, third episode, it’s all about Street Style and Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton weigh in. Even if you thought there’s nothing more to say on this topic, it’s entertainment worth a listen.

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2. Pardon My French

Garance Doré recently re-launched her website and re-branded her project. The team is now clearly communicated in the foreground and what I really like is the transparency with which the development of the platform is discussed. Once a video format, Pardon My French is now a Podcast. In one short hour, the current episode features Daphne Javitch (the woman behind Doing Well and my personal hero) and a discussion of consciously dealing with one’s own body.

Instagram: @garancedore, @doingwell
Listen to the episode with Daphne Javitch here:

3. Oh Boy & Monocycle

Admittedly, there’s sometimes a little bit too much aimless chatter here for me, but let’s be tolerant and appreciate that they give good women their say (Taylor Haney from Outdoor Voices or Laurie Simmons, artist and mother of Lena Dunham) and talk about exciting things. Both formats come from the editorial team at Man Repeller, and the episode on the “Editorial Process” that Catie discovered is still my favorite.

Instagram: @manrepeller
Listen here to our favorite episode:

Translation: Melissa Frost

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