Top 3 Lookbooks: Céline, J.W. Anderson & Acne Studios

Our Top 3 Pre-Fall 2017 look books featuring Céline, JW Anderson, and Acne Studios

The fashion department here is firmly in the hands of Veronika and Oriane – our experts when it comes to the subject. But every now and then I allow myself to throw in my own two cents. And, to be sure, always when I’m so thrilled with something that it absolutely knocks me off my seat or breaks with my way of seeing things – which happens exactly once in a blue moon.

Céline Pre-Fall 2017

We’re starting with the one that knows how to best hit the mark when it comes to “understatement” and “minimal effort, maximum effect.” Here I’m looking at Phoebe Philo who, in the age of the ever faster spinning carousel of seasons, positions herself with stunning effect set apart by a unique elegance. A presentable mix of models in front of the camera never hurts: Charlee Fraser, Daniela Kocianova, Giedre Dukauskaite, Karly Loyce, and Maggie Maurer. As far as who’s standing behind the camera, that’s something that the recently launched Instagram account (@celine) hasn’t revealed. Could it very well be that artist Talia Chetrit, who was responsible for the last two campaigns, is it behind this as well?

Instagram: @celine

J.W. Anderson Pre-Fall 2017

So, where should we start here? I believe I’ve rarely before seen a Pre-Fall collection that picks up on the essence of the main collection in such an intelligent way and translates it into such a lean and slimmed-down version – and still comes across so desirably in the process. Nothing of the rich variety forfeited, the momentum of coherent progression remains unchanged – as do signature elements like the piercing ring on the bags and the ruffles on the tapered tips of the boots, gladly in suede. The demand of brand-loyal customers has been kept in mind. So it should be! Goal achieved.

Instagram: @jw_anderson

Acne Studios Resort 2018

So, who do we have there? Veruschka is back! For Berliners, she was never really gone: Veruschka always diligently pops up here and there at evening events. To remain part of the conversation after so many years in the business is really a masterful achievement. Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios, found his inspiration here: “This is a collection of Acne Studios archetypes, iconic and real, so I wanted to work with an icon for the shoot. We asked Veruschka to choose her favourites from the collection, and it was amazing to have this supersonic woman work with such spontaneity.”

Instagram: @acnestudios

Images: PR

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