Top 3 Fashion Videos: Miu Miu, Prada & Jil Sander

Miu Miu, Prada, and Jil Sander – Julia presents three videos worth watching on a chilly December evening

Videos always make our hearts beat a little faster, especially when established brands dare to give talented creatives plenty of rope when it comes to the implementation. Here we have brought together a small but fine selection of highlights from the last few weeks – and certainly with full disclosure that our choices were driven by our own taste, not at all sorted by which season they advertise. Miu Miu is all about the upcoming holidays whereas Jil Sander (with Wim Wenders) is already focused on SS18 and Prada only on the iconic Galleria Bag, which is celebrated with a continuation of the legendary Postman series by Autumn de Wilde (which we reported on here).

1. Miu Miu: Whispers by April Studios


Even the most vehement Christmas sceptic will find themselves melting here. Miu Miu has done everything right again and got Dakota and Elle Fanning, Julia Garner (from Ozark), Chloë Sevigny, and Sadie Sink (from Stranger Things) for the current holiday campaign. True to the brand’s DNA, the video is wonderfully poetic. The title, Whispers, already clues you in as to the content: All of the actresses are festively dressed and whisper the name of the label to candlelight, several time in succession. The press release describes it well:

“What is it about reuniting with friends and family that intensifies each exchange? Overheard whispers are replayed and reinterpreted as inner monologue throughout the night until true meaning is derived: Did she really say that? Could she have meant it? (…) In these edited conversations, more is said than has been communicated between friends all year: Among wrapped boxes containing embroidered velvet, crystal embellishments, sparkling charms, and fluffy fur totems, rare face time is spent whispering secrets and exaltations – presents to be held tightly as the new year approaches. Becoming more precious as their original contexts fade away, these moments sparkle atop the beautiful objects with which they were exchanged.”

April Studios is a name you should remember – the creative collective dreamed up the idea.

2. Jil Sander: Paused by Wim Wenders

This one takes place in – Berlin! Art and architecture experts will recognize the pertinent (Brutalist concrete) buildings, including artist Katharina Grosse’s Moabit studio and the L40 house at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, which was designed by by Roger Bundschuh and Cosima von Bonin. Five different scenarios were filmed, each pausing at the moment of highest intensity and developing a special drama through the technique. Creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier made a good move in winning over the great director Wim Wenders for this project.

3. Prada: The Postman’s Gifts by Autumn de Wilde


How does Prada manage to keep winning over Hollywood star Elijah Wood for this type of experiment? The continuation of a short film series, The Postman Dreams 2 by Autumn de Wilde proves that storytelling in the luxury industry can have a long-term aim. Retro aesthetics allude to the 1950s and 1960s with humor: a desire for something you can’t have; daydreams that change into reality. These tricks are just as effective here as they are simple. Four episodes will be released over the course of this December.

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