Top 10: Ice Cream Guide 2017

©Collage / Oriane Baud

The Berlin summer arrived and our Ice Cream Guide 2017 is just in time. Here are our Top 10 ice cream shops

It’s an annual phenomenon: As soon as the first rays of sun dare to break through the clouds, a state of emergency rules at Berlin’s ice cream shops. Longing for delightfully cool delicacies, people come together in seemingly endless lines. You can’t resent them for it – with all the volatile weather, you have to savor the good moments. Being spoilt for choice sometimes doesn’t make that savoring any easier. So that you don’t lose the overview and can make a beeline to your next ice cream cone, here are our favorite ice cream shops this summer – a season which is also finally showing us it’s best side.

1. Jones Ice Cream

Original: ©Instagram | jonesicecream

This is basically a showcase for how Markthalle Neun and its experimental environment can serve as a springboard for an independent business. Once an integral part of the weekly Street Food Thursdays, Jones Ice Cream has now expanded from those action-driven stalls and has its own shop on Goltzstraße in Schöneberg. Unique selling points include the additional offer of homemade cookies on one hand, but also the eye-catching waffles that can serve as a base for their delicious ice cream flavors on the other. And what’s really a pleasure: Their loving approach to the manufacturing process is documented on Instagram. The pickled rhubarb, the homemade apple strudel – both wait, ardently desired, to be taken in small amounts and prepared into batches of ice cream.

Jones Ice Cream
Goltzstraße 3
10781 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U7 Eisenacher Straße
Instagram: @jonesicecream

2. Eisfabrik Berlin

Inconspicuous and small, you’d hardly notice Die Eisfabrik on Brunnenstraße at first glance. However, Felix Schwabe and Lisa Staib have been making 40 different flavors of ice cream there since May of this year. By renouncing mechanically produced additives, the two guarantee treats for which every step of the manufacturing process is as clear as it is transparent. Alongside the super delicious ice cream, there’s also cake and smoothies to enjoy.

Eisfabrik Berlin
Brunnenstraße 156
10115 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U8 Bernauer Straße

3. Rosa Canina

Original: ©Instagram | rosacanina_berlin

The team at Rosa Canina has been around since 2008 and celebrate their organic certification year after year. The shop on Hufelandstraße is one of the most popular locations – they’re currently building a bigger stand at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg. You can savor the imaginative flavors like raspberry basil, New York cheesecake, Moscow mule, vanilla with pumpkin seed oil, black sesame, or white chocolate and ginger from March all the way through October. Even the artist Ai Weiwei is known to appreciate the place and come by (incognito) with his son.

Rosa Canina
Hufelandstraße 7
10407 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U2 Senefelderplatz
Instagram: @rosacanina_berlin

4. Tribeca Ice Cream

Only recently opened and already an asset to Berlin’s ice cream scene: Klaus Zinsmeister, who we already introduced here a while back, is filling in a gap in the market with his concept for Tribeca Ice Cream. Everything is healthy here: The ingredients are vegan, organic, raw food grade. Plant-based, soy-free, and lovingly prepared by hand and with self-made expertise, they use coconut oil, agave, maple, and rice syrups as well as coconut sugar instead of your typical refined white sugar. The flavors read like a fairytale: blue coconut (the blue color comes from hibiscus tea), pistachio lucuma, salty maca caramel, banana peanut, and so many more.

Tribeca Ice Cream
Rykestraße 40
10405 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U2 Eberswalder Straße
Instagram: @tribecaicecream

5. Paletas Berlin

It doesn’t matter where you look: Paletas Berlin can be found almost everywhere in the city. Probably Berlin’s best-known ice cream on a stick, it’s a real export hit and is already conquering other German cities like Hamburg and Bremen. Made in Berlin Friedrichshain, Paletas forgoes all colorants and preservatives and tries for the most part to use seasonal fruits in its flavors. From mango coconut to raspberry lemon – one of each, please!

Paletas Berlin
Wühlischstraße 26
10245 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U1 Warschauer Straße
Instagram: @paletasberlin

6. Zwei Dicke Bären

Original: ©Instagram | berlin_isst_eis

For those of you who lose your bearings at Street Food Thursday at Markthalle Neun, Zwei Dicke Bären’s little stand is usually found to the left in a small corner near the entrance. But you’ll have to be fast: These cold delicacies usually sell out faster than it takes to make one full round of the market. No wonder, because this is where you can get what’s probably the best ice cream sandwich in the city. Delicious ice cream (from Mos Eisley) is lovingly spread between the two cookies by César Cotta and Cieran Rockwell – et voilà! (Two vegan options are also available.)

Zwei Dicke Bären | Markthalle Neun
Eisenbahnstraße 42/43
10997 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof / Schlesisches Tor

7. Gelateria Mos Eisley

©Julia Fricke

A lot of the city’s residents flock to Tempelhofer Feld, especially on hot Berlin summer days – the perfect opportunity to stop by Gelateria Mos Eisley in Schillerkiez either on your way into the park or on your way out. Daniela, who had previously worked in the music industry, decided after an Italian vacation to follow her new passion: creating her own Italian gelato, and all of it free of colorants and preservatives. From classics like vanilla to cheesecake, here you’ll really find a flavor for everyone.

(For those wondering about the name: It’s inspired by a spaceport town in Star Wars.)

Gelateria Mos Eisley
Herrfurthplatz 6
12049 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U6 Boddinstraße
Instagram: @gelateriamoseisley

8. Oak & Ice

©Catarina Marques Teles

Traditional meets modern: That (or something similar) is the probably the best way to describe this ice cream shop located deep in Prenzlauer Berg. Classic flavors made of the finest organic ingredients share the rows with those like buckwheat and even gorgonzola – the creativity at Oak & Ice knows no limits. Customers can also make their wishes known in the store or directly online in the hopes that these ideas will be successfully implemented. And for those not really craving something cold, you’ll also find smoothie bowls, soups, and cakes served alongside the Italian-style handmade ice creams.

Oak & Ice
Schönhauser Allee 52
10437 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U2 Eberswalder Straße
Instagram: @oakandice

9. Early Birds

©Catarina Marques Teles

Taken over by Lorenzo Lodi, this born-and-bred Italian serves some of the best vegan chocolate sorbets. That being said, Early Birds also serves up unusual flavors like tiramisu and orange mint. A great pro: They don’t sell by the scoop here, but rather by the cup – which is then completely filled. Ideal for true ice cream lovers. Yummy!

Early Birds
Winsstraße 68
10405 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U2 Senefelderplatz
Instagram: @earlybirds.gelato

10. Woop Woop Ice Cream Store

©Catarina Marques Teles

What happens when liquid nitrogen meets food? Exactly: a tremendous spectacle. Within 30 seconds the boys and girls of Woop Woop manage to freeze and prepare a customer’s selected ingredients so that a really good ice cream comes out the other end – and in real time. Their specially developed machines and shock freezing process produce the smallest possible crystals, and that makes for a thicker ice cream and a creamier consistency than other methods. Woop Woop started as a food truck in 2016 and expanded the company within a short time, opening their first store on Rosenthaler Straße in Berlin Mitte in October of last year.

Woop Woop Ice Cream Store
Rosenthaler Str. 3
10119 Berlin
U-Bahn Station: U8 Rosenthaler Platz
Instagram: @woopwoopicecream

Translation: Melissa Frost