Summer Break 2017: Goodbye for now!

Summer Break
Nathalie Franz taking a break in Positano during a wedding - wearing Alexachung @Veronika Heilbrunner

Goodbye for now! The hey woman! team is taking some time off for summer 2017 – and we’re leaving you with an extensive playlist with music by The XX, Serge Gainsbourg, and Prince

It’s hard to believe that the first half of the year is already behind us. So much has happened for us in the last few months – the time just flew by! The biggest highlight to date was our move to a brand new office just a few days ago. It was a dream long cherished and cultivated, and now it’s finally a reality! All of the furniture might not be in yet, but our newly-won space is so charming – even half-empty – that we almost forget to go home in the evening: It really is that nice at our place up on the 6th floor. But even the busiest of bees deserve a break now and then. As you’ve already read both here and here, I’m a firm believer in the concept that regeneration is the key to happy and effective working. So with heavy hearts, but with sweet anticipation of doing nothing at all, we are (hopefully) closing our laptops for two weeks, flying to New York or the California desert, sunny Greece, the lush Bavarian mountains, and everywhere else where you don’t get good reception or might even forget about your phone for a whole day.

Thanks to Sky Ting Yoga, for this inspirational Gif which was in their latest Newsletter.

We’ve created a little holiday edition for our Instagram account (@heywomancom). So if you can’t live without us, you’ll be provided with content close to our hearts over that channel. The “out of the office” autoreply messages have been set up, our subletters in the office are already chilling the champagne for their secrets parties here, and our dear friend Stephanie created a playlist a while back for her trip to Positano that we’re leaving you with here today. And by the way, the header photo was taken exactly there, at a friend’s wedding that we’ll be talking about in detail after the break.

Keep your chin up! We’re already looking forward, dear readers, to our reunion after the break.

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