Shopping: Ori loves Sport Chic

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Vetements, Chloé, Fendi, Lacoste – and let’s not forget Gucci: Our editor Oriane looks at the cool and casual trend that is “sport chic”

I’m not sure about you, but I can’t help but notice. Recently it seems that sporting gear has become an everyday thing – especially in here Berlin, the official capital of the cool and the casual. Indeed, what used to be reserved for a sweaty Sunday now seems commonplace in the office, or even on the catwalk!

From sneakers to hoodies, these elements have been completely absorbed into our wardrobes while seemingly maintaining nothing of their original purpose (that would be exercise and general physical activity). Sneakers, for instance, are now seen on the red carpet alongside their faithful cousins: tracksuits, caps, polo shirts, and even crop tops and yoga pants. 

Not only have these items become fairly normal everyday outfits, they’ve also refreshed their style and even inspired the latest trend. Commonly referred to as “sport chic,” it’s a mix-and-match style characterized by its air of comfort and nonchalance. The famous tracksuit by Chloé, one of our favorite editor’s picks of 2016, is a great example of this trend as well as this fabulous Lacoste dress that I am wearing today (Header Collage). This must-have piece is my current spring favorite and a chic version of the classic tennis outfit – and probably what my mother was wearing in the 70s back when Stan Smith was on the courts. Match point!

We’re seeing more and more examples on the runway lately: Fendi crop tops, Bermudas by Chloé, the controversial Vetements with the complete reinvention of the Champion sportswear look, and let’s not forgot Gucci and their chunky sweaters, white sneakers, and other sport-influenced looks like this baseball inspired get-up. Sweatpants with high heels, a polo shirt under a cocktail dress, and a glitter gown with sneakers: It’s all we wanna wear!

And, I am sure that back in 1923 athlete and basketball superstar Charles “Chuck” Taylor had no idea that his designs would become the inspiration for some of today’s leading fashion designers and an everyday item in closets around the world.  

French and Swiss, Oriane moved to Berlin to pursue her interest in all things creative. She loves art and photography and does a lot of yoga, also to balance out her passion for great cuisine - a real foodie so to say. And of course, she is obsessed with fashion, which you can tell from her weakness for peplum cuts and ruffles. At hey woman! Oriane is responsible for shooting, producing and styling as well as editing and collage design.