Shopping List: Sports

Sport clothes are the first step to increase your motivation. Our sporty shopping list to get things started easier

Here I am again: That motivational record that wants to encourage you to integrate sports into your daily life. Even if it requires meticulous planning skills during stressful periods and sometimes it’s still pretty tempting to spend the evening lounging on a comfy sofa rather than jumping into your sport clothes and making your way to yoga or to the park, the benefits of regular exercise are medically proven. Exercise boosts your circulation, helps sweat out some toxins, and activates the “happy parts” of your brain. It also helps build up and maintain your muscle mass, which in turn enables you to stand up straight, run smoothly, and not suffer lumbago when lifting a crate of water. In a Glossier Instagram feature published for the launch of the body product line, Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney said: “Working out changes the chemistry of your body.” The sentence has stuck with me and it keeps me motivated!


Why sport isn’t such a natural and integrated part of our day as showering, eating, and sleeping – that’s something that I still haven’t figured out. However, it is allowed to bribe yourself a bit. In the form of new gear, for example, the right shoes, clothes, and other kinds of tools that can bring us so much pleasure. To that end, we’ve put together a list of our current favorites. Getting sporty three-to-four times a week is the name of the game from here on out – gladly! No problem at all!

Translation: Melissa Frost

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