Shopping: Coats

A coat can enhance an outfit or hide it. And finding the right one is difficult – luckily Madeleine has picked out a selection 

It’s hard being a coat – I really wouldn’t want to be one. Sitting, warming, folding, jostling, looking good…it all has to work, and I’d be on the job the entire high season. If I had to decide, then I would be a very expensive one, dark blue or black. But then at some point you will have seen enough of me and rather than being an investment, I’d soon just be a means to an end. Then again, a coat can’t be expressive either because it has to fit into everyday life. Otherwise, boredom threatens to set in. And then there’s still that thing about first impressions. A coat has to make an impression! Which one? It’s really difficult. But quite aside from all of that, do you really want to be the shell that gets shed to let the real star – the outfit – shine? I like to sit at the table, not in the dressing room.

Veronika’s passion for coats is kept within limits. It’s not too often that we find her in enduring, functional styles. Unless they’re the look. And that’s where it gets interesting. During the September fashion marathon, she was a delight in a checked Prada coat with a mini dress and pink over-the-knee boots. And it was exactly this coat from catwalk look 32 that made street style photographers – and obviously Veronika – so happy.

The Prada collection it comes from jumps between the 50s, late 60s, and early 70s and has a whole host of beautiful coats that are worth being worn for more than pure protection alone. And so Veronika sauntered through the streets of Milan in her checked one with fur. Pretty! Because a coat takes a lot of space and hides everything that street style photographers like to take pictures of, it’s not often she decides to do so. That is, unless the coat is meant to be the star. I look forward to seeing it again – and to the next coat.

On closer inspection and with the sinking temperatures, it’s inspiring to go out on the search again with the thought that a beautiful coat is a beautiful thing. But the difficulty lies somewhere between feeling cold and feeling fashionable. A coat is chosen with its importance and its cost in mind. Lots of fabric, lots of money: It makes sense.

But how do you find your coat? After all, the expectations are high: beautiful material, a great color, a stylish design. According to Wikipedia, there are about 30 different types of coats. Houses like Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, and Calvin Klein 205W39NYC win when it comes down to the most spectacular ones. But a simple grey coat by Loewe is…simply beautiful. A lilac-colored coat by Ganni also has its charm. In any case, there’s no shortage of options – I promise.

And maybe I should still become a coat and take a look around in the dressing room. It would help, I’m sure.

Translation: Melissa Frost

Madeleine is a fashion journalist. For as long as she can remember she has been passionate about fashion and accessories, in particular cashmere sweaters and jewelry. After five years of working at Vogue Germany’s fashion department in Munich, she decided to encounter a new challenge and move to Berlin. Her role at hey woman! allows her to combine her passion for styling, creative directing and writing. Madeleine is also good at imitating a Swiss accent and trying to be a cook.

©Phillip Schlegel