Shopping: Check Blazer

Check blazers are fashion month’s street style sensation. We selected our favorite versions and combinations

Cher and Dionne from Clueless saved us from moving through the rest of our lives associating plaids with the Scottish gentry alone. Admittedly, Cher’s yellow all-over plaid look still presents a fashion overload, but she was already proof back in the 90s that the supposedly stuffy pattern has the potential to be pretty exciting.

And now, 20 years after Clueless hit the screens, we can hardly save our eyes from the flood of plaids as we click through the street style galleries from the current fashion weeks. The women who grew up with Clueless are now wearing the look themselves. But you won’t see them wearing a matching short skirt – the look now is more casual, mom jeans and sneakers paired with a J.W. Anderson Pierce Bag and a white t-shirt.

It was already announced back in February at Fall/Winter 2017 shows like Alexander McQueen, The Row, Victoria Beckham that power dressing was going to play a big role this year. It’s also somehow a logical outcome of the feminism trend: Now that we’ve all stashed that t-shirt with the message across the chest into the back of our closets again, we have to resort to other weapons for the image of the strong woman. And for that, what could be better than a glen check blazer? After all, over the centuries the pattern was always predominantly worn by men. Ralph Lauren picked it up for the Fall/Winter 2017 season, which admittedly wasn’t too much of a surprise, but also Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein.

Julia’s favorite, by the way, is by Stella McCartney, and we’ve also spotted great plaid blazers by Anine Bing, Isabel Marant, and Edited. Our favorite combination at the moment: wearing the blazer with a loud pair of sock boots, nailing two trends at once and making an outfit that confirms that glen check is finally free of its “boxed in” image.

Author: Sophia Steube
Translation: Melissa Frost