Shop the Look: Stella von Senger’s Style

The Row, Prada, and Loewe are among the brands included in Stella von Senger’s recent style shoot

After getting the OK to borrow some pieces from The Store and Andreas Murkudis for my little style shoot, I felt like a kid in a candy store. But once I found myself in these two wonderful stores, standing in front of Vetements, Balenciaga, and Off White, it dawned on me that I might not have any style at all. I was thinking about certain people’s styles that I like and what they would combine or choose – that was the moment I lost my swag. But then it came back to me: fashion (for me) should be fun. Back in the day, all I needed was a bunch of my mother’s old clothes to play dress up and I would go wild. So I picked up pieces that probably didn’t go particularly well together but would pair well with some of the old fellas in my closet.

The blue satin Loewe bag was the first thing that popped into my sight at The Store – it’s perfect, shiny fabric was screaming my name. I combined it with an old pair of Dries van Noten silk pants that were once given to me as a birthday present. (How well do my friends know me? It’s remarkable!) The green tasseled William Fan top was omnipresent in my feed for a while and I finally saw an opening to give this top it’s grand entrance (to my apartment). My zebra print V-neck Céline pumps had been patiently waiting for their debut, and so I gave them a spin with the satin Loewe.

I picked up my Prada hot pants (as if they were hitchhikers) at the label’s outlet while on a road trip through Italy last summer – they’ve only seen the inside of my bedroom ever since. As I was selecting this coat by The Row at Andreas Murkudis, however, I knew they were ready to make it all the way to the entrance hall of my building. They still haven’t made it to the streets yet…but, one day! This elegant Dries Van Noten creation makes me feel like an English landlord, something I felt those tiny hot pants needed for balance. My Marni earrings and William Fan slippers added a touch of green to the monotone shades of beige and grey.

Some days I just want to feel classy, so I fell in love with this white Marques’ Almeida off-the-shoulder top – there’s an elegance to showing one’s shoulder that is often enough to achieve the goal of classiness. In choosing yellow tiles for my bathroom, I always imagined funky editorial pictures being taken in it. Sandra Semburg was the first one to dare during this shoot and let me tell you: It ain’t easy. Anna Ahlers, my good friend and styling assistant, came wearing these amazing shiny pants she found in a second hand store in Warsaw. We felt like they would pair well with the yellow tiles and the Marques’ Almeida top, so she had to take off her pants. I feel like the shoes don’t need an introduction and this fantastic gold bag is by William Fan (I’m a hell of a FAN, if you haven’t noticed yet).

I didn’t get the Vetements hype at first, but then I fell for the jeans – and finally found a super bad rip off at H&M, at which point I felt like it was my duty to get those instead of the ones for 800 bucks.

This denim Balenciaga coat from The Store is just to die for. I mean, look at it. And these Céline earrings from Andreas Murkudis were just made for me. They are heaven sent – except that I am super clumsy and shouldn’t be wearing heavy glass on my ears.

There wasn’t a moment when this look didn’t feel batshit crazy. This Proenza Schouler coat can hardly be overtrumped (Jesus, this is getting political now) – it already looks and feels like a high-class hooker. I bought these Moonboots for freezing cold work days on location, and when I saw them standing there I knew they were the only option. The Galliano-era Dior top, Prada shades, and my Marni bag gave the look it’s final touches. I told you: batshit crazy high-class hooker. Voilà.

Oh Jacquemus, how I lost my heart to you. This entire look is by the 27-year-old mastermind – and it’s all mine as I would never give it back!

Another classy moment. My Miu Miu skirt – which I picked up on the same road trip as the Prada hot pants – combined with super elegant Proenza Schouler shoes and a marvelous Rosetta Getty back-baring top.

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Many thanks to The Store (@thestoresdotcom) and Andreas Murkudis (@andreasmurkudis) for their courteous cooperation and lending their products.

Stella von Senger wore pieces that are available at The Store Berlin and can be ordered via email ( Blue bag by Loewe, Jeans coat by Balenciaga, backless Top by Rosetta Getty, white Off-the-shoulder-Top by Marques’ Almeida as well as the coat and shoes by Proenza Schouler. Shipping worldwide.

Photographer: Sandra Semburg (@sandrasemburg)
Styling Assistant: Anna Ahlers

Stella von Senger und Etterlin was born and raised in Berlin. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Make-Up for Theatre and Film at August Everding University in Munich in 2013. After living in Paris and New York, she travelled around the world before pursuing her Masters of Special Effects SFX in Los Angeles. Along the way, she’s been doing hair and make-up for magazines such as Vogue, L'officiel, Qvest, Stern Mode, Condé Nast Traveller, and many more. She and her family have just recently moved back to Berlin.