Shop The Look: Mom Jeans

“Mom Jeans” are a classic from the 80s. Executive assistant Julia on her favorite look

Mom, I love you – and your jeans from the 80s! This article could have just as easily been titled: How I finally walked away from bad jeans (and discovered the right cut to flatter my figure).

These are nothing like the more hip-hugging cuts with elongated, slim legs that I was still totally convinced looked good when I was 16. Back then, I probably would have snickered a little hysterically had I known that high-waisted pants, or “mom jeans,” would belong to my favorite items of clothing in my early 30s. Even without being a mom, the cut seems to be perfect for me – finally, woo-hoo! After tirelessly trying out trends from skinny to baggy to boot-cut, I have found my fit. My mom could easily say, “I told you so!” She would have certainly known better back then, had I asked her – or taken her advice to heart.


Jeans with a high waist and narrow, tapered legs lengthen the silhouette and put your butt in its best light. And just like my mom in the 80s, for me it also all started with a pair of high-waisted jeans by Closed. Inspired by cyclists – and what a coincidence, whatever the weather, cycling is my number one everyday method of getting around – the brand’s “Pedal Pusher” cut has a shortened and narrowly tapered leg. That well-known pegged look has been practically re-issued. They’re actually really practical for bike riding and the cut emphasizes the feminine figure, which I now have, and with which I’m becoming better friends year after year. Add a men’s shirt and a knitted sweater, some white high top Chucks, and done: my favorite look.

In the meantime, white and grey high-waisted jeans have found a home next to the blue “Pedal Pushers” in my closet. Whether worn casually with a striped shirt and leather jacket or with a tucked-in blouse and a trench coat, these pants are simply a perfect all-rounder that leave me feeling like I’m dressed my best in every situation. Hallelujah!

Translation: Melissa Frost