Review: Tory Burch on Regent Street

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Tory Burch opened a new shop on Regent Street in London. Read all the insights about the opening

I’ve always looked forward to meeting Tory Burch. Isn’t she the best example of how to make it? In her case, of course, “making it” means being the CEO and designer behind a namesake billion dollar company that she launched just 13 years ago.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous going to interview this powerful self-made woman the afternoon before her new store opening in London. And as it turns out, for no reason. Her curiosity about hey woman! was so refreshing that I totally forgot I was the one who should be asking the questions. She also gave me advice about how important it is to have excited and motivated employees and told me that when they feel part of something bigger, you’ll see the company benefit. “Give them credit. Make them shine.” Word. (And how good to hear that our manual works.)

She claims her parents’ advice that “negativity is noise” helped her through every step of her career. And my like for her grew even more upon finding out that her childhood dream was not to become a psychiatrist, but rather a professional tennis player. As a matter of fact, I always wanted to be an olympic cross-country champion. So much for unnecessary information.

Not surprisingly  but again, a relief to hear her key to managing her workload and also getting quality off-time with her family is scheduling to the max. She loves traveling and exploring and knows no boundaries: Oktoberfest is planned with her sons!!!

The varied selection of guests that visited her Regent Street shop opening alone can tell you that Tory Burch is more than a nice, beautiful, fun woman that you want to hang out with. She has also got it nailed down: Her presentation and products have global appeal.

Again, to quote my favorite Mr. Tim Blanks quoting Tory: “I always wanted to make our shops a community, a place for people to go, where they could sit and read a book, have a beer.” That said, have a look for yourself I was clearly hanging out with the accessories.

Then off we rushed to a beautiful dinner at Mayfair it-spot Isabel.

And just when I had put down my fork after finishing the most delicious tuna steak, a wall to the side of my neighboring table opened up and I couldn’t t believe my eyes or ears!!! when Salt’n’Pepa started rhyming. Thank you Tory Burch for being awesome and making my teenage dreams come true!

Last but not least at all: watch the (almost) 90 seconds version of Tory’s Foundation initiative!

Shop the Tory Burch Look:

Store Details:

Tory Burch
223 Regent Street
London, England W1B 2EB
Openings: Mo-Sa 10am–8pm, Su 10am-6pm

Instagram @toryburch


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