Review: The Dolder Grand in Zurich

Social media editor Catie went to visit the Dolder Grand in Zurich. A dinner by Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue was included

Zurich is just a stone’s throw away from Berlin, and yet I hadn’t managed to visit the Swiss city in the last 10 years. Luckily that changed with my weekend at the Dolder Grand, a hotel built in 1899.

The hotel’s own car service picked me up at the airport and drove me directly to Adlisberg, where the historic hotel fits in with the beautiful natural landscape on the western slope of the mountain. The fresh air and dreamy surroundings – that would be the historic architecture’s gorgeous interplay with its modern extension, not to mention the view over Zurich and the lake – made all those annoying thoughts disappear in no time. It was pure instant meditation, a personal invitation to slow living.

Still a bit high from my first impressions, I was also immediately impressed by the marble, gold, and art in the entry area. There was a lot to discover wherever your eye wandered, and yet without being overwhelmed. The entry hall is the focal point of the hotel, the area from which all others can be reached: from the in-house restaurant, to the unique spa area. With its quality fixtures and modern balance of light, natural colors and dark wood, the interior design is particularly harmonious.

After freshening up quickly in my room with a view over Lake Zurich, I was allowed to meet Tim Raue and Heiko Nieder. My personal highlight of the weekend was also set to be their 6-course dinner menu, which would be served that very evening in collaboration with the champagne brand Krug. I jumped nervously from one leg to the other as I requested a vegan menu from the two star chefs. After a bit of (humorous) teasing, these pros assured me they would take everything into account. And they did! Each dish and type of champagne was poetry – a unique taste experience for the senses that triggered a pleasure-filled silence from all of the guests.

The next morning began with a relaxed breakfast that included a great selection of fruit and homemade patisserie that brought their talents to the fore. The pleasant smell of coffee, a copy of my favorite newspaper, and the pouring rain outside brought me gently – but most definitely – into the here and now and encouraged me to let go even further. Relaxing baths in the room, swimming, many steam baths, the entire wellness program – not to mention the spa area and its wide range of wellness facilities – all played their part.

Speaking of which… When I went in for my facial, I was completely hooked. A delicate fragrance, gentle music, a soft bathrobe, and green tea served in a little porcelain bowl all awaited me in the foyer. After such ideal preparation for the treatment soon to follow, I was led into the room where my facial massage would take place. A short consultation, a few spritzes of lavender, and music settings later, I was lying wrapped up in warm blankets on the table and could, once more, simply let go.

More information about The Dolder Grand can be found here:

The Dolder Grand
Kurhausstrasse 65
8032 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 456 60 00

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Further information about the cooks as well as about the champagne can be found here:

Tim Raue
Heiko Nieder
Krug Champagner

Translation: Melissa Frost