Review: SheShe Retreat on Mallorca

Jessica-Joyce Sidon traveled to Mallorca for a SheShe Retreat – a special retreat for women looking to recharge their batteries

The north of Mallorca is – and always has been – considered a true oasis for art and nature lovers, a known bohemian retreat.

So my excitement was boundless after I spontaneously agreed to take part in the SheShe Retreat on the Balearic Island. Albertine van Iterson and Alex Hipwell created the retreat drawing on very different career backgrounds. It doesn’t just focus on a sporty element – the environment is also very consciously integrated. What that means for me is four days to devote myself to the good things in life: sun, sea, nature, good food, relaxation, and sport.

I packed a few of my favorite pieces into my suitcase that I had barely worn over the cool summer and which I had almost taken out of my closet – even more to anticipate.

Deià is about 30 minutes away from Palma Airport. From here, it’s another five minutes until you arrive at a gateway located between the trees and bush. Follow the camino – a very narrow pathway – past the olive trees and free-running sheep and you’ll reach Son Rullan monastery high up on the hill, an impressive 13th century residence which has been restored in the Mallorcan style with great attention to detail and has already served as a shooting location for fashion editorials and Hollywood films. Once at the monastery, smartphones, laptops, and coffees to-go are exchanged for books, swimsuits, and deluxe brunches. Take three deep breaths and don’t think about how you’ll already have to leave again in four days’ time.

The days at Son Rullan began with a virtuous breakfast – granola, yogurt, and porridge. The fruits and vegetables here have an especially intense, “sunny” flavor. The colors of the tomatoes and melons glow on the grey, natural stone table, standing out against the panoramic view of deep blue sea and the pale green of the olive trees. I could have sat there the whole day long sipping coffee had the retreat not also included a strict sports program. A short moment to digest, get changed, and go.

The workouts are hard. More than once I reach my limits. Yet despite that, or perhaps even because of it, I manage to “let go,” forgetting routine and living in the moment. Every day there is also a hike – or maybe just a stroll – through the picturesque little town of Valldemossa, where Frédéric Chopin and George Sand once settled and from whose marketplace you have a perfect view of the entire town.

Once we went 300 meters in elevation down – and later, back up – into the bay at Sa Foradada, which can only be reached by a long walk or by boat. Once it was six kilometers from Cala Deià to Sóller and back. Thanks to the international jet set, some of the best fish restaurants on the island are located in the bay, and where we were allowed to stop for a late lunch. Instead of folded napkins, swimwear was lying on the wicker chairs – a very likeable sight. We ordered the Rosado in Spanish, of course.

By September, it’s already getting quite cool on Mallorca after sundown. And so the evenings ended mostly around 10pm – not, however, without having taken a half an hour to sit on the terrace, wrapped in a blanket and staring up at the magical starry sky.

The SheShe Retreats on Mallorca take place in May and September. Further information can be found on Facebook here and via Instagram (@sheshe_retreats) here.

Monestary Son Ru
Camino Son Rullan 2
Deià, Mallorca 07179

Restaurant Sa Foradada
Diseminado Sa Foradada 2
Deià, Mallorca 07179

Author: Jessica-Joyce Sidon
Translation: Melissa Frost