Review: On the road with Wonderlust Part II

Michael Kors launched its new fragrance Wonderlust Sensual Essence and Veronika took it with her to São Paulo, Brazil

I’m still dreaming of last year’s trip with Michael Kors to celebrate his latest scent in Greece, so there couldn’t have been a better match than taking his latest reinterpretation, Wonderlust Sensual Essence, with me on my next journey.

Packing was light – even though apparently it’s winter right now in São Paulo. I was invited to shoot a very special story with Vogue Brasil, so I only needed to take a few of my favorite items like a knitted summer dress, sneakers, and sun protection. And only (LOL) two baskets.

Day One

After spending a full day in the city and resting a bit from the overnight flight, Barbara Migliori – the super sweet fashion director at Vogue Brasil – picked me up in the early morning. We drove for about two hours and arrived at this beautiful organic farm called Fazenda Santa Adelaide.

Day Two

The two days on the shoot surrounded by the most amazing team almost felt like a vacation thanks to the quiet beauty of the landscape and extra tasty Brazilian catering. Back in São Paulo, I couldn’t wait to explore the beautiful area around my hotel, the jardins.

Day Three

After a fun lunch, one or two caipirinhas, and a night visit to Lina Bo Bardi’s private house (which is now open to the public and is a must-see!), I decided I’ll have to come back to Brazil very soon and with plenty more days to explore.

Day Four

Now every time when I smell my favorite Wonderlust notes – jasmine and orange blossom – I’ll remember those plans to return and, hopefully, make them a reality very soon!

Michael Kors

Eau de Parfum Wonderlust Sensual Essence, € 54,99 via Douglas

Get Inspired by the new fragrance of Michael Kors on their website here or via their Instagram account (@michaelkors) here.

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