Review: Minimalist Maximalist Ball

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Marie-Louise Sciò and Alex Eagle invited their guests to the Minimalist Maximalist Ball at the Villa La Posta Vecchia in Italy. Veronika Heilbrunner has all the insights

When I received this invite in the middle of freezing January, I couldn’t help but immediately push the button to rsvp YES! Spending a fun weekend in early spring hosted by these magical ladies – Alex Eagle, Creative Director of Alex Eagle Studio, The Store Soho House Berlin, and Soho Farmhouse Oxfordshire, and Marie-Louise Sciò, Vice President and Creative Director of Pellicano Hotels Group – seemed like a very good idea.

And it was.

All roads lead to Rome… Started this party vacay off with pasta, wine, tiramisu, and the “Captain” – a.k.a. M-L and her boyfriend Baru’s dog.

After having had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing Il Pellicano last year on my summer holidays, a trip to La Posta Vecchia was very high on my list of Amazing Things to Do in Life.

There are so many stories and myths surrounding this place, but I’ll stick to the facts: LPV is an ancient Roman villa (proof can be found in the basement, in between lovely velvet chairs) full of charm, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was formerly the property of the Orsini family, dating back to 1640, and was more recently – during the last century – owned by J. Paul Getty.

Roberto Sciò, the current owner, acquired the villa in the 1980s and returned it to its original use as a place of great hospitality in 1990.

It goes without saying that the “Minimalist Maximalist” theme didn’t really help me in packing – in other words, I couldn’t decide until the last minute what to go as. Finally, I decided on Minimal 90ies, Maximal elegant.

Luckily, the first night was relatively easy: suits or tuxedos on everyone. Funnily enough, I wasn’t the only one with the „genius“ idea of adding a little something extra with a sparkly shoe.

For me, breakfast separates a superior hotel from a great hotel. From the amazing Ginori porcelain to the juice machine, the perfect ricotta and gorgonzola to the outstanding view, La Posta Vecchia won me over again and again.

By the time the picnic started, I realized that my evening outfit was going to be very tight. Barù and Paolo Parisi delighted the guests with Italian gourmet delicacies, and the beautiful blankets were provided by JJ Martin´s brand, La DoubleJ.

My recommendation when in the Garland room: enjoy as much time in it as possible. Aperitivo time!!!

“We’ve been dreaming of doing something together for forever, and this is the most fantastic opportunity to celebrate the start of the summer in minimalist and maximalist style in the best place on earth,” said Marie-Louise Sciò.

Another thing I established on this trip was the simple but true German saying: „Der Weg ist das Ziel“ (The path is the goal.). Because when you have a bathroom as big as your apartment at home, including a staircase and an enormous marble bathtub, you realize that getting ready can be a celebration in itself. Plus, I am obsessed with the beautiful packaging of the hotel’s shower gel and body lotion.

Thank you, Marie-Louise and Alex, for having me! I had a blast!

Hotel La Posta Vecchia – Pellicano Hotels

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