Review: Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Dinner in Berlin

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Maria Koch, Natalie Franz & Veronika Heilbrunner

Louis Vuitton celebrates 40 years in Germany with the Time Capsule exhibition and a dinner in Berlin

It’s always fascinating to see how far the history of luxury brands goes back and hearing “origin stories” is such a pleasure. Time Capsule, Louis Vuitton’s current exhibition, shows that the transformation of traditional companies in the new digital era can be staged like a spectacle. To celebrate 40 years of Louis Vuitton in Germany, the exhibition’s first European stopover is Berlin, where it can be seen until October 8th at the Französisches Palais on Unter den Linden.

The lovingly and lavishly designed exhibition depicts the most important milestones in the house’s history across display cases and screens, part of which are interactive: suitcases, bags, and luggage especially designed for famous personalities from the 19th and 20th centuries. Travel has played a central role in the company’s history since it was founded in 1854. Many a light and video installation would make you believe you’re sitting on a train. In another, you’re so drawn in by the full absorption of the space that you don’t even want to return to the light of day.

Special mention is also due to the location, which has been impressing audiences since the September 14th opening and which Louis Vuitton selected for the following reasons:

“The scene (…) forms the quiet grandeur of the Französisches Palais. Built between 1906 and 1908 by architect Kurt Berndt for the sleeper car company Wagon-Lits, the building survived the Second World War unscathed and also served as the French Embassy during the GDR. The Französisches Palais is located in the middle of the magnificent boulevard Unter den Linden, essentially the historical center of Berlin, flanked by political and cultural milestones and institutions like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Museum Island, the Berlin State Opera, the new Berlin Palace and the tradition-steeped Humboldt University – the best possible point from which to revive the history of a house that combines tradition, fashion, savoir-faire, and the finest craftsmanship.”

To mark the occasion of this special anniversary, we were able to invite a select group of guests to a set dinner after a personal guided tour and we were pleased to welcome the 30 men and women that we so appreciate and like to have around us. The conversation and laughter went past midnight over a three-course meal, delicious wine, and our favorite music. Thank you, Louis Vuitton, for this special opportunity.

PS. All three women next to Veronika on the first image are featured here: Ketuta Alexi-MeskhishviliMaria KochNatalie Franz.

Photography: ANA SANTL

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