Review: Ligne St Barth x Berghotel Rehlegg

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Executive Assistant Julia escaped the city craziness and went on a relaxing short break to Berghotel Rehlegg, which includes a Ligne St Barth spa

Until recently the mountains were, for me, very much like Franzi and the Baltic Sea: any lasting impressions were missing – until now. A weekend with Ligne St Barth in the Alps abruptly changed all of that.

Located just about two hours away by car from the Bavarian metropolis of Munich, the Berghotel Rehlegg lies in the middle of the biosphere region of Berchtesgadener Land. The hectic pace of city life seemed to fall away from me as soon as I arrived and took in my first breath of mountain air. As I exhaled I heard the sound of a few cowbells in the distance, but otherwise nothing but silence. Wonderful! Even the former farmhouse that dates from 1454 radiated this same magical sense of peace, as did the impressive mountain backdrop. From one hundred to zero, in just a few minutes – total deceleration into the slow life.

It smells like pine inside the house and natural materials like hand-fired stone from Chimsee, pure virgin wool, and handwoven linens dominate the scene. The rooms of the modernly renovated building are tastefully decorated, and small, discreet details serve as a reminder of the history and traditions of the region. There are little islands everywhere that beckon you to come relax, whether it’s in the baskets hanging from the ceiling just under the roof or in the swinging loungers in the wellness area. Active vacationer or wellness enthusiast, there’s something for everyone here.

The first day in the mountains begins with a singing bowl ritual during which you concentrate solely on your breath and the oscillating tones of the different bowls. To find yourself and to enjoy the serenity – which, alongside the spa, pool, and first-class food, is the true luxury of Berghotel Rehlegg.

Fortified with bircher muesli and fresh juice, we take off into the wild for an herbalist hike across the alpine meadows. It quickly becomes clear that those greens so often declared weeds can be excellently assimilated not just into herbal medicine, but also into the kitchen. The broadleaf plantain and its juice helps acutely with nasty mosquito bites and daisies, for example, taste wonderful on buttered bread. Yarrow – or, more beautifully said, the eyebrow of venus – is of utmost importance for women: The medicinal plant works as a tea against headaches, circulatory problems, and migraines. In brief, it warms, relaxes, and bolsters you. We learned that and so much more from the in-house herb fairy Doris Hasenknopf, who hasn’t just provided the hotel kitchen with tips, but also supports the spa team with her own herbal cosmetics series.

Once we reach the top we enjoy the well-deserved refreshment of cool drinks and ice-cold melon. To get this to eat as well as in the form of the Melon Tonic Lotion by Ligne St Barth – Caribbean flair high atop the alpine meadows. The Lichtmannegger family got a beauty and wellness expert in their partnership with the exclusive beauty brand. What would appear so different due to thousands of kilometers of distance and difference vegetation come together particularly in the philosophy of the family-run business and the handling of both employees and nature. Resources are equally seen as the most valuable commodity and one worthy of protection. The processing of natural ingredients and trading by an ethical compass both take top priority. If you try to find profit-driven business decisions in the company, you’ll be looking in vain.

The highlight of my short break is the St Barth spa experience. Fresh papaya mouse was mixed with natural yogurt, Caribbean sand, and coconut oil directly before my eyes and applied to the body as an exfoliation treatment. The light mixture felt wonderfully fresh in the summer and the fine grains gently removed skin particles. After a shower, the real massage with gently scented body oil begins. The gentle, flowing movements that skillfully glide over the body bring your thoughts to a pause once again and I’m dreaming of being far, far away on the next mountain peak, or at the South Pacific.


Translation: Melissa Frost