Review: The First hey woman! Flea Market

The first hey woman! flea market took place last Sunday: See our highlights including our playlist, Stella von Senger, Eugenia Gonzalez de Henn & many more

Here’s a little report on our own behalf: the first hey woman! flea market took place last weekend and we invited a select group of wonderful women to sell treasures from their own closets. The overwhelming response we got on Facebook caused our internal organization team a sleepless night or two, but thanks to the professional support of our location lessor, everything ran like clockwork.

The gates to our pop-up address opened at 11am on the dot and the place was humming for the next 7 hours. Fechtner Delikatessen, the Berlin Kombucha Society, Aqua Monaco, and Propercorn were at the entry to dispense all the creature comforts, the flowers came from Rosa&Bella, the speakers were playing music provided by our Social Media Editor Catie, and in the back you could shop like mad.

Among our cheerful sellers were Lisa Feldmann from L’Officiel, Eugenia Gonzalez de Henn from Mexican Vogue, Claire Beermann from C’est Clairette, our contributing editors Stella von Senger and Gloria Brachmann, stylist Leena Zimmermann, Cloudy Zakrocki and Katja Schweitzberger from Refinery29, Ann-Kathrin Grebner from Tanzekind, Nina Wulkop from Vestiaire Collective, and Stephanie Moeller.

There’s a first time for everything, and in this case I can say that this event was more than successful. We’re touched by so much wonderful encouragement and good energy and are really pleased that, on average, the purchases were rewarding enough for everyone who took part to make it worth giving up a precious Sunday. At the end of the whole event, everything that was left over was donated to a refugee shelter. So we did something for sustainability by selling things on (fast fashion, treat it carefully!), and also something good in a social context.

Many warm thanks to everyone who took part, our great team, the wonderful sellers, the Bechstein Network, and to everyone listed above for the catering.

Photos: Veronika Natter

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