Review: Casper x hey woman! Lunch

Sara Eleri Schumann & Nina Wulkop

We co-organized an event with Casper to mark the clocks rolling back for the winter and it was all about (good) sleep

It wasn’t just Heinrich Heine, one of the most important German poets two hundred years ago, who understood that “sleep is the most exquisite invention.” Sleep has engaged humanity since late antiquity and has always been regarded as a source of rest, the importance of which became increasingly important in the 20th century during the various phases of the industrial revolution, and now our immersion in the digital age. In step with this progression and the increasing emergence of sleep disorders – sleep research became a discipline in its own right and society came to an awareness of perfect sleep.

Casper, an American startup with a presence in the German market, has been dealing with exactly this topic since 2014: It’s developed a mattress designed for every type of sleeper and to optimally cater for every sleeping position. Over time, a pillow that offers ideal neck support and a dog bed were were added to the company’s repertoire.

To mark the clocks rolling back for the winter on Sunday, Casper and hey woman! invited 30 ladies for lunch to celebrate a night’s sleep and the regained hour. Professor Dr. Ingo Fietze, a sleep researcher, gave a lecture accompanying the meal that focused on the phases of sleep, insomnia, as well as analyzing various types of sleep. She was available for a round of questions afterwards.

In addition, the guests could have their cards read in Alexandra Kruse‘s apartment, which had been laid out with mattresses and pillows, find out about a balanced and sleep-promoting diet from nutritionist Sara Eleri Schumann, be enchanted by an illusionist, and bring the event to a close with a hand massage. Guests said goodbye to each other as evening approached with a new momentum brought on by the lively discussions, or went directly to the exclusive cinema event for which we had previously raffled off tickets in collaboration with Casper.

Further information about can be found on the website here as well as on Instagram (@casper.deutschland) and Facebook.

Translation: Melissa Frost