Playlist: Ray Cokes Is Back

MTV’s Most Wanted – Legend Ray Cokes is back and bringing us the 90s every Saturday morning on FluxFM. Here are Julia’s personal favorites in a “Best of” playlist

I’ve had a new evening ritual creep in as of late: As soon as my door falls into the latch, I jump into the bathtub. And as long as it’s still not summer, I think I will continue to. Radio on – mostly the classical channel is playing and my cellphone is lying far away in the other room, but on one Saturday morning edition of my new ritual I accidentally landed on the FluxFM station and recognized a familiar voice: Ray Cokes, the music television legend of my youth (MTV’s Most Wanted) is making a comeback and playing songs from the 90s. Within seconds I was completely elated, but of course feeling a touch of nostalgia at the same time. The sounds of LL Cool J’s Hey Lover and TLC’s Waterfalls remind me of a time when I was 13 and there myself laying the cornerstones of the Julia I am today – fully unconscious of the fact, of course.


Looking back, I’m always gripped by a deep gratitude for having grown up in the 90s. Compared to the social contexts that teenagers today have to deal with, back then the trials and tribulations surrounding a nascent persona were minimal. Without the omnipresence of the internet and the pressure it creates to comply with an ideal exemplified by social media, we could grow out of our childhoods much more slowly and dance around for hours to Aaliyah’s Try Again (fair enough, that was already the 2000s) in the living room rocking a Winona Ryder haircut from Reality Bites – without anyone watching. Free of hollow role models like the Justin Biebers and Kardashians of this world, you could sink into the R’n’B sounds of Boyz II Men or sing along to Björk and Jamiroquai.

I’ll be hanging around in front of my analog radio once a week to take this journey into the past. Thank you FluxFM for the Ray Cokes Show. (The playlist here represents a mix of personal favorites and songs from the show described above).

You can follow what Ray Cokes is up to these days through his Instagram Account here.
And anyone who wants to take a regular plunge into nostalgia can follow Ray Cokes’ show on FluxFM here.

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