Playlist: Phoenix Launches New Album “Ti Amo”


A love letter: Phoenix is back with Ti Amo. The new album sounds like summer and Italo disco rolled into one

Recently I woke my old laptop up out of hibernation to indulge in old memories and take a look at pictures that had neither been printed onto paper nor were to be located among my albums on Facebook. It’s exactly 10 years that I’ve lived in Berlin now. It all started with my job at Glam Media, for which I – as a condition and together with Ari from (now) Primer & Lacquer – was able to move to the capital and as a subtenant at Soundcloud. This change from the provinces and into the big wide world – somehow I didn’t know at all what to do with all the excitement. Two jobs at the same time (at the time, it was LesMads in my left hand and the sought-after new issue in my right), no party could last long enough, and no work day seemed to want to end before sundown.

Telekom Street Gigs Phoenix, Cologne 24.06.2010 | ©Julia Knolle

A constant companion throughout all this time was the band Phoenix (see photo). Whether at the early Picknick parties or a farewell concert in the Rhineland, it remained a band that was always closely by our sides. I still remember the moment back then all too well when Jessie and I received the confirmation of an interview. Personally meeting Thomas Mars, the superhero and husband of our favorite director Sofia Coppola – I seem to remember our mouths going dry several times in the days before. I filmed the interview back then with the camera on my Nokia phone – it’s such a shame that the material doesn’t exist anymore.

Now, what feels like 25 years later, the boys aren’t tired quite yet and are going on a big tour for their new album, released today. Even if the love doesn’t go far enough to head off to Melt! Festival (the one stop near my apartment door), I still can’t wait to hear their new songs and am listening to Ti Amo by Phoenix all day today in a “playlist tradition.” Maybe with little breaks in between in which I have to watch the rediscovered acoustic version of La Blogothèque on YouTube – the view count of which I must have driven up 25% through my own excessive watching alone. Of course the documentary on Arte that Phoenix released on the occasion of their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is unforgettable. Sigh…nostalgia and pure timeless talent!

To stay up to date visit Phoenix’ website here or their Instagram account (@wearephoenix) here.

Phoenix auf Ti Amo Tour:
16. July Berlin | Melt! Festival
24. September Munich | Tonhalle
25. September Cologne | Palladium
26. September Hamburg | Große Freiheit

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