Playlist: Jonas Lindstroem

Exceptional talent Jonas Lindstroem is the photographer behind Truth or Dare and the Uniqlo U campaign. For us he put together an exclusive Playlist

Jonas Lindstroem isn’t even 30 yet, but he’s already been in the middle of things for a relatively long time. The young photographer’s very consciously selected projects display a captivating will of his own and, above all, of course his own visual language. In the age of media sensory overload, it surely won’t be light signature – but still one of its own, as hard as it is hard won – that will be rewarded in the end.

His campaign for Uniqlo is among my favorite of Lindstroem’s works and it proves all of the points listed above – it was designed under Christophe Lemaire for the launch of the Uniqlo U label. His works are simple and clean, yet always able to reinvent themselves and the visual language that transports them.

And his new project fits exactly into this context: a 21-minute short film with the title Truth or Dare that was presented in Berlin last week. 032c has an more extensive interview in which the “emo appeal” of the film is once again fundamentally explained.

We’re excited that we could convince this exceptional talent to put together a playlist for us: “It is compilation of all-time favorites, pulled from the soundtrack of my new short film, love songs, and the huge hits that simply save every shoot.” He’s right, and since this morning songs like We The People… by A Tribe Called Quest and I Love Sloane by Delroy Edwards have been playing over here at hey woman! headquarters. Thanks, Jonas!

Find out more about Jonas on his website and Instagram (@jonas_lindstroem). The whole article in 032c can be found here.


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