Label to Watch: Hunza G

Hunza G. is a bikini and swimsuits brand, bringing back the 80s look with crinkly fabrics. We met co-founder Georgiana Huddart for an interview

You don’t need much for a complete 80s throwback: Do you still remember that stretchy, crinkly fabric that bikinis, swimsuits, and sometimes even tops, skirts, and dresses were made out of? For a reminder of that last one, just look to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she – yeah, you got it already – was still going out on the job. Now Hunza, the brand responsible for that dress, is back in the form of beachwear and the like as Hunza G. The new “Bow Collection” is a joy. The collaboration with Pandora Sykes, fashion features editor at the The Sunday Times Style and an internet style icon in her own right, provided plenty of attention for the label while the ruffled swimsuit awoke a few girlhood dreams in fully grown women. That’s all reason enough to ask creative director and co-founder Georgiana Huddart a few questions:

What have been the steps of your career up until now?

I worked for an art dealer, for a menswear designer, at US Vogue, and then as an interior designer.

How did you re-discover this so typically 80s fabric?

We had a red dress in our dress-up box as children. We used to make my brother wear it.

How did you develop the idea to make a swimwear label using that fabric?

It came naturally. I originally preferred the idea to make clothing from it, but the swimwear appeals to a wider variety of people.

Did you have experience in this field of expertise before, or did you teach yourself?

No, I didn’t. I knew what I wanted the designs and the brand to look and feel like though. I had quite a strong aesthetic from the word “go.”

Did you have mentors along the way?

Peter, who started the original label Hunza in the 80s, has been pretty epic and I have found I have really regularly needed people like my mum for advice. She should probably start charging me by the hour.

What role does London play as a base?

London is where it is made and designed, and also where I am from – so it’s pretty important.

How do you incorporate social media into your marketing strategy?

Everything has happened very naturally for us. We haven’t pushed the brand too much, just continually posted images of the fabric and designs and people seem to have stumbled across it. Collaborations with people like Pandora Sykes helped massively in introducing us to a wide variety of new people.

Who is your favorite customer? Which countries do they come from?

I like all our customers. And what is so great about the fabric is that it is so versatile in its sizing and the way it can be worn. The same design can look completely different if styled in a new way or in a new color. Most of our customers currently are UK-based. Australian customers tend to order really fun colors and designs – I think their guaranteed sunshine makes it easier to buy brighter, braver designs maybe than your average UK customer. You don’t necessarily want to be in Brighton in the pouring rain on a beach in a bright pink cutout swimsuit…

Could you envision extending the product range? If so, what can we expect next?

We are developing new fabrics: Still tubular, one-size, and as flattering as the crinkle. Also, we’re working on new designs with the crinkle. It’s all very exciting.

What do you like most about your job? What not so much?

Working for yourself is the most amazing luxury – it’s stressful, but he freedom it gives you is comparable to nothing else.


Get further inspiration via their Instagram account (@hunza.g) here or shop the new collection on their website here

Translation: Melissa Frost

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