Label To Watch: Outdoor Voices

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Outdoor Voices is making it in the fashion world with collaborations including A.P.C.

Tyler Haney, 27, had no time for our interview questions. That’s almost understandable – someone show me a young woman who’s succeeded in raising a current total of $22.5 million for her own fitness label and is going to battle with giants like Lululemon and Nike. I was impressed with this courageous approach from the second I heard about it and Outdoor Voices has been on our radar ever since. In a Forbes Podcast, she talks about the founding stages of the label, the advantage of being tenacious, and how she didn’t let let herself get discouraged too easily.

Born in Boulder, Colorado, Tyler has been an ace at sports since she was a kid (hello, authentic founder story!) and was searching for sports clothing that looked good on while she was studying at Parson’s School of Design in New York. The simpler the concept, the better it works. Collaborations with A.P.C. gave the label its breakthrough and it’s been enjoying great popularity with (warning, irritating word ahead!) the Millennials ever since.

The concise collection stands out because of its flattering cuts. The materials feel really good on the skin (no shiny fabrics, please). But beyond the good quality of the pieces, one thing was especially important for the brains behind the brand: sport shouldn’t be intimidating, and it’s not always about high performance. The primary focus should lay in the fun of it all. And yes, in America at the moment you’re bound to see a pair of leggings too many as you go about your daily routine. It should always look AS IF you were just in the gym – if that actually was the case, well that’s secondary.

But with Outdoor Voices, the motivational approach works because it’s not pressured. Rather, the idea of going out and getting sporty is so likeably wrapped into it that you just want to bolt out of the office or jump off the sofa to get moving. A perfect example would be our “Women We Love” Babba Canales from Away: Whether at weekly boxing classes or other activities, #doingthings – the hashtag Outdoor Voices brought to life on social media – speaks for itself. The brand’s famous followers include Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham, and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine. It’s not difficult to recognize that this pleasant measure of motivation is being well received, and I hope that soon enough Europe will join in on this healthy movement and we can start with the running club ASAP.

You can find more information on the label’s Instagram here and its Facebook page here. And if you want to join the movement, you’ll find more inspiration under the hashtag #doingthings.

Follow Tyler’s adventure on her personal Instagram account here.

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