Label to Watch: Ganni

Ganni’s Spring/Summer 2018 show was as promising as the label itself

Next to Saks Potts and those colorful hair clips, Ganni is probably the label from Copenhagen Fashion Week that’s stuck most strongly in our minds. That’s because Ganni simply had it all, and skillfully brought it together: playful flower tops, leopard print, wonderful flounces, check prints, extra-long bag straps, model Frederikke Sofie as a star in the fashion sky, and also these low-slung, wide-legged pants that could be placed somewhere between Menocore and the 90s rave scene – and which we can imagine pretty well on all of the beautiful women that would otherwise be biking through Copenhagen in sneakers and airy dresses next spring. Yes, that hard drive in our heads that up until now had recorded Ganni and a “nice knitwear label” has been permanently overwritten after the new season Spring/Summer show.

Ganni Pre Summer 2018 Campaign

As a matter of fact, the Danish fashion house has undergone an impressive evolution in recent years. Founded in Copenhagen in 2000 by gallerist Frans Truelsen as a labor of love and label for quality cashmere pieces, he got two friends on board in 2009 who eventually took over the brand: married couple Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup. To this day, the two of them are responsible for the label’s success as creative director (Ditte) and CEO (Nicolaj). According to Business of Fashion, the label achieved sales of over $60 (!) million over the last year. She previously worked as a buyer, him as an entrepreneur in the IT industry. The two probably probably stand more for that nonchalant Scandinavian coolness than hardly any other couple. They live in the heart of Copenhagen with their three kids and don’t have a car – they’re always on their bikes instead. When they need a break from the whole fashion hubbub, they visit their hometowns in the countryside. Having said that, the coming season collection proves that Ganni is definitely not as typically minimalist as Scandinavian fashion is generally reputed to be – and that is something that its large fan base, including ourselves, finds pretty refreshing.

Ganni has benefited greatly from the growing role that social media has also been playing for some time now in the fashion industry. Net-a-Porter, for example, became aware of the label through its strong social media presence – it has 292,000 Instagram followers. And in the meantime, 11,000 posts have been made under the hashtag #gannigirls, including by It Girls like Alexa Chung and Pernille Teisbaek, or bloggers like Camille Charriere and Lucy Williams. Veronika also appears in the Ganni feed: During New York Fashion Week, she wore a cuddly striped sweater by the label that had caught our eye at the runway show in August. And we’d almost contend that there are exactly four t-shirts that can be found in virtually every closet: the white one with the banana on it, for example, or one of the three with either “Space Cowboy”, “Cherry Bomb” or “Love Society” written across them. The gorgeous Sabine slingback pumps feel like they’re permanently sold-out – and let’s not forget the Faucher sweater.

Ganni now has 22 stores in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and is available internationally from 400 retailers. The brand has developed its own corporate social responsibility strategy with the goal of making the company as sustainable and conscientious as possible and constantly improving production processes. The label designs four women’s prêt-à-porter collections each year and, alongside shoes and accessories, there is also a lingerie line. And while we’re on the topic: The gorgeous little Benson bags won’t leave our minds, and a new model has popped up in the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. We’re certainly excited to see what Ganni will do in the future – and we’re expecting (even) big(ger) things. According to Instagram, the next campaign is going to be shot by Ana Kraš, who already designed the set for the last show. Until then, we’ll revel a bit more in our thoughts of Copenhagen and are putting together our wish list here.

Additional information about Ganni, including photos, can be found on the label’s website here, on Instagram (@ganni) and under #ganni and #gannigirls.

Images: PR
Translation: Melissa Frost