Julia Knolle’s Beauty Routine

Julia Knolle reveals her personal beauty routine for face, body, and hair, including plastic free products by Aesop, Dr. Hauschka, and Weleda

My last report on my beauty routine was a year ago already and I’ve made a clear cut since then. All plastic packaging had to disappear, everything that didn’t fit into this new concept traded without compromise — at least when it involved care products that come into contact with my face. Why? It had to do with the good influence of our vegan-living Catie and the information pipeline coming from of our highly valued beauty editor Julia Alfert. From one day to the next I wanted to have a clean conscious in the bathroom, and both played their part.


I alternate washing my face with the Calendula Facial Soap by Binu and the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser by Aesop, which takes on a soft, white texture as soon as it’s mixed with water. I use a sponge to gently rub away dead skin cells. To keep the impure Berlin water from wreaking havoc on my skin, I’ve recently started using the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner by Aesop as well. I used to think that toner was completely unnecessary. But now even the smallest blemishes have become history since I started using it regularly — a success story which surely also has something to do with my recent extreme reduction in alcohol.

There’s a small dose of vitamin C in Serum 10  by SkinCeuticals, a brand which I rediscovered after a convincing Instagram Story by Lucy Williams (@lucywilliams02) and one that I’ll certainly be keeping in mind now after seeing my skin take on a new, smooth texture. That needs to sink in before I can apply Aesop’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream. In the meantime I apply the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum.


Also new: My make-up routine, if you can even call it that, also fell victim to my big clear out. Now it’s quick and easy — I use Tunkal Concealer by Und Gretel to cover any under-eye circles, a little bit of Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Sun Touched (recommended by the wonderful Stella), and first the Volumizing Mascara by RMS Beauty and then the Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara on my lashes.



I’m not so rigorous with my “no plastic” rule when it comes to body products. But what’s new is dry brushing (inspired by JA’s article from Malibu) and the French Lavender Shower Gel by EO Products, which unfortunately comes from overseas but is reminiscent of the sample from the Rose Hotel in Venice. To moisturize afterwards, I alternate between Everyday Oil and the subtlety scented Lavender Vanilla Body Oil by Primavera. I’ve been using my deodorant reliably for ages now and it’s really unsexy: the good old Dr. Speick, which is of course made without aluminum salts.

All in all, I take about 15 minutes in the bathroom. When I have the time for a more comprehensive routine, then I add another recent discovery, the Pine Reviving Bath Milk by Weleda. For shampoo, I switch between Ouai for volume (thank you, JA) or the classic Rosemary Mint Shampoo by Aveda. And for my ends: the Moisturizing Hair Cream by Christophe Robin.

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Julia co-founded one of the first fashion blogs in Germany in 2007 and became a freelance consultant for digital strategies after publishing her first book in 2010. After an eventful four years with Condé Nast working mainly in the digital department of Vogue Germany, she decided to launch her own online magazine with her dream partner, Veronika Heilbrunner. She is based in Berlin and loves to read books.

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