Exclusive: Lou Doillon for & Other Stories

Lou Doillon is the face of the Celebration Collection by & Other Stories. She talks to us exclusively about beauty tricks and her love of short stories

Whether on Instagram or in the collections of labels like Reformation or Rouje – this year, we haven’t just been running into French style on weekend trips to Paris. Quite the opposite: The basket was the It bag of the summer and could be seen everywhere from the beaches of Positano to the streets of New York. And the beret has become the new winter hat. Jane Birkin was already wearing both of those things back in the 60s and 70s. And although originally from England, she is still a model Frenchwoman in terms of style. Her daughter Lou Doillon isn’t just the spitting image of her, but she’s also inherited her talents. You’d probably called that “hitting the gene jackpot.” She has been acting, singing, and modeling successfully for years. Now the 35-year-old is the face of the Celebration Collection by & Other Stories, which will be available starting the 21st of November.

The accompanying campaign was shot at Le Trianon in Paris, where Lou Doillon gave her first concert. The twelve-piece collection is black and white with red and gold accents – only a pair of strappy sandals and pink pumps fall out of line. Particularly pretty: the black, wide-leg, high-cut velvet pants. And even if the pieces may not appear French at first glance, they do as soon as you see them on Lou Doillon.

As it happens, her mother’s name is inevitably mentioned every time you see Lou’s. But you shouldn’t forget that she is more responsible for her own success than her family background – especially in the field of music. Critics have always praised her two albums, Places (2012) and Lay Low (2015). As extraordinary as her look is, so is her voice. The most beautiful thing about the Frenchwoman, however, is indisputably how natural she is, which you will also encounter on her Instagram account (@loudoillon). As a model, she was most recently at the side of Julia Stegner in the Chloé campaign for Spring/Summer 2014.

Lou Doillon answered a few questions for us exclusively to mark the launch of the & Other Stories Celebration Collection.

What’s your definition of female empowerment?

“Se posséder c’est posséder le monde”: Follow your instinct, be honest and true. More than anything, find what amuses you and find a way to get paid for it as Alan Watts would say. We are capable of breathing, pounding blood in our heart without even knowing how we do it. We are capable of doing the most complicated things, of creating sustainable living entities, of imagining ways of going to the moon and back, and we should never underestimate ourselves. To have no fear, that is the empowerment we all should move towards.

Could you share something about yourself that might be surprising to others?

I spend an absurd amount of time making models. I have always loved making tiny things it relaxes me. So for the last year, I’ve been making miniature old-fashioned Japanese stores!

What are your best beauty secrets, on-stage and off?

Something easy to do when there is no light, backstage, in the backseat of a cabs, etc! I have always the same lipstick that I also use as blush, and sometimes on my eyelids too… And no mascara…as you never know when you’re going to weep, or cry from laughter!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day when your calendar is completely empty?

Walk around, be alone, and read in a café.

The name “& Other Stories” is an old way of saying “short stories.” What’s your most cherished book? And what’s the last book you read?

I can’t say what my favorite book is, as I’m a heavy reader and there are so many wonderful authors. But I can tell you my favorite short stories by Raymond Carver, Flannery O’Connor, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack London, and Dorothy Parker. Short stories are a very complicated format, and few have mastered it as well as the authors above. I am very moved by that format, as it’s often too short to develop a story with a hook, and is often about little nothings, about “in between” feelings, and that’s what I’m so curious about in my own work. The book I finished last week is a book about women walking in various cities.It’s called Flaneûse by Laura Elkin. It’s marvellous.

The Celebration Collection by & Other Stories is available online here starting the 21st of November, as well as at & Other Stories stores. More inspiration can be found on Instagram (@andotherstories).

Images: PR
Translation: Melissa Frost

Sophia moved to Berlin in 2015 to study fashion journalism and media communication. She had worked previously as an editor and freelance journalist for newspapers and various magazines. Upon arriving in the capital, she wrote branded content texts for blogs and most recently articles for the style section of Der Tagesspiegel.
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