Editor’s Pick: The Denim Skirt

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Denim Skirts are back in different context – chic, trendy or simply casual! Fashion editor Oriane on the millennial it-piece

It’s spring 2006 and the scent of hydrangeas is wafting gently through the air – no, not really, but you get the idea! I’m on my way to New York and want one thing: To drag my parents into Abercrombie & Fitch and get this fabulous denim skirt that made every girl look like an Australian beach-bomb. I wasn’t deterred in the slightest by the long times or having to push past the imminent threat to my life posed by suffocating on their signature fragrance Fierce: I knew I needed to have this denim skirt! Now, 10 years later, I regret to admit that I sold it for next to nothing at a flea market. Everything has its time, I guess!

Denim skirts have been back since last summer. And it looks like we’re not done with them yet – they’re even more prominent this season. Don’t be sad about getting rid of your favorite ones from your teen years: From affordable options to higher quality investment pieces, the current options are endless and include mini, maxi, destroyed, patterned, and buttoned.

They’re the perfect companion in the city as well as the beach, and we love them for their versatility: chic when worn with a nice silk shirt and pumps; trendy with a ruffled top, socks and moccasins; casual when paired with a simple t-shirt and sandals.

A great companion for a quick weekend getaway?  

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