Editor’s Pick: Terracotta

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Editor Oriane picks her favorite autumn color: terracotta – a classic shade that will wrap you up in a big, comforting hug of color

Think orange tones, muted saffron, and cinnamon shades…yes, all of those colors are like a big comforting hug on a slightly cold day in September, and the mélange is a beautiful shade called terracotta. This warm and indescribable mix of brown, red, Bordeaux, and orange is one of my favorite wintery colors. I always found it to be strong, elegant, and absolutely perfect for fall and matching the color of the trees on Indian summer days….

Characteristic of the autumnal equinox, terracotta is also called rust or rouille in French, but that’s just so much less glamorous than terracotta. Aaaah, terracotta…the name itself is a voyage… It’s beautiful combined with soft materials such as velvet, corduroy (another major fall favorite), and suede. I love to wear it in a top-to-toe tonal look, perfectly incorporated with other similar tones like orange, Bordeaux, and brown.

It’s also fabulous when used to clash with contrasting colors, for instance, mixed with a light pink or an intense electric blue. Definitely a winning combination. The proof? Prada’s exquisite FW17/18 collection!

French and Swiss, Oriane moved to Berlin to pursue her interest in all things creative. She loves art and photography and does a lot of yoga, also to balance out her passion for great cuisine - a real foodie so to say. And of course, she is obsessed with fashion, which you can tell from her weakness for peplum cuts and ruffles. At hey woman! Oriane is responsible for shooting, producing and styling as well as editing and collage design.