Editor’s Pick: „Leandra“ Shirt by Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool Blouse

The emphatically feminine Leandra Shirt by Paloma Wool is our latest obsession. Team member Franzi on her pick of the week

We recently passed the halfway mark for 2017 and one of the top trends that’s already manifested itself is the Leandra Shirt by Paloma Wool.

Based in Barcelona, the Spanish label regularly collaborates with young artists like Mansur Gavriel photographer Tanya Posternak or Tana Latorre, who is responsible for the drawing on this now omnipresent shirt. These delicate silhouettes that radiate a touch of Matisse, Arp, and Picasso capture the mood of the times and place femininity front and center. Reduced to the beautiful and the essentials, this woman without a face with her many different postures and body shapes is a reflection of every single woman and takes on an almost symbolic character.

It’s certainly not just the fashion world that’s seeing a rise in these delicate contours – you’ll also see them in art. The collaboration between Alex Eagle and young illustrator and interior architect Luke Edward Hall is especially beautiful, and you’ll also find them popping up more and more in jewelry.