Editorial: Jewelry Favorites by Stella von Senger

Stella von Senger
JMB Jewelry

Shiny Jewelry by Annie Costello Brown, Sophie Buhai and Anne Manns: A still life composition with flowers by Mary Lennox

I was recently appointed “the earring queen” by a trusted expert and friend, which reminded me why I wanted to do this shoot in the first place. I am obsessed with beautiful (big) earrings – it’s been an inseparable love story ever since my mother first opened her magic clip-on earring box for me. I also found that I had fallen in love with Ruby Barber’s flower concepts at Mary Lennox, which are so utterly beautiful that you want to quit your job, become a florist, sit among hundreds of thousands of cut flowers, and forget about the rest! Now I know that Ruby’s job might just be one of the hardest and most disciplined ones out there – I bow to you, the talented and hard-working Ruby of Mary Lennox.

My obvious love of jewelry resulted in one desire: to gather together all of the pieces I had been secretly drooling over for the past months and do a still-life shoot. I’ve also been interested in art direction for a long time, but never allowed myself to dare be so courageous to try something different as my job description says “hair & makeup artist.” Fun fact: I had “courage” (pronouncing it the French way and not English) tattooed on my finger (!!!) in a haze of young foolishness after a bad break up. But I figured why not make the best of this big, meaningful – and useless – word now forever engraved on my body and actually be courageous, organize a shoot, and call myself the art director even though no one but myself had ever allowed me to.

It was fun. It was hard work. And I really want to do it again!

Regarding the jewelry itself: I came across Knobbly Studio, Anne Manns, JMB Jewelry, Sophie Buhai, Annie Brown Costello, and Levens jewelry through Instagram. This is what I love social media for. It inspires me every day with new designs from other parts of the world. For example, it allowed me find and connect with a girl from Israel creating female bodies in many different shapes for us to proudly wear on our ears – that would be Knobbly Studio.

All of the pieces I selected for this shoot speak to me on another level. They make me feel warm, safe, and empowered. They allow me – and hopefully other woman – to wear jewelry that speaks without words and makes them feel strong and beautiful.

Sarah & Sebastian

More Jewellery pieces:

Art Director, Set Designer & Model: Stella von Senger
Assistant Art Direction: Anna Ahlers
Flower Stylist & Set Designer: Ruby Barber
Styling Assistant: Oriane Baud

Stella von Senger und Etterlin was born and raised in Berlin. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Make-Up for Theatre and Film at August Everding University in Munich in 2013. After living in Paris and New York, she travelled around the world before pursuing her Masters of Special Effects SFX in Los Angeles. Along the way, she’s been doing hair and make-up for magazines such as Vogue, L'officiel, Qvest, Stern Mode, Condé Nast Traveller, and many more. She and her family have just recently moved back to Berlin.