Editorial: “Icons” by Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur manages the balance between playful and provocative lingerie – an exclusive editorial

Lingerie has always played an important role in my fashion life. At a very early age, I discovered that wearing delicate and coordinated underwear can make you feel good about yourself, lending a sense of self-confidence, beauty, and all-around sexiness. No one has to see it: Just knowing it’s there yourself can give you a boost for the day. To be honest, I can’t even remember the last time I wore unmatched underwear! I usually don’t wear sexy clothing (think deep cleavage, bodycon dresses, short shorts, and mini skirts). Au contraire, I am much more into men’s shirts, wide pants, and knee length skirts but I absolutely love precious lingerie. For me, sexy is all in the details. It’s about not revealing too much. Lace peeking out of a large shirt or through a basic white t-shirt…this kind of subtlety is my version of sexy.

Inspired by Hollywood pin-ups, Agent Provocateur’s collections are always a perfect balance between playful and provocative, ultra-sexy and elegant. Lace, silk, embellishments, and luxurious fabrics every item is pure haute couture and the brand is one of my favorites when it comes to lingerie. The British label launched its new Icons Collection this spring, and with it a combination of timeless pieces in playful pink, bold black, and nude tones. From bras and briefs to nightwear, making your choices before pressing the “proceed to checkout” button is no easy task!

This editorial is a collection of pictures with a smoky vintage effect and a highly sensual, mysterious feel. It was shot by the talented Miriam Marlene, who I discovered last year on my personalised pocket fashion dashboard (aka Instagram) and who is very provocative in her work herself. Miriam Marlene was made to stand behind the lens for this famous label, which for me is definitely the nec plus ultra of lingerie.

Get further information about Agent Provocateur via their Instagram account (@agentprovocateur) here or on their website here.

Photos: Miriam Marlene Waldner
— In collaboration with Agent Provocateur —

French and Swiss, Oriane moved to Berlin to pursue her interest in all things creative. She loves art and photography and does a lot of yoga, also to balance out her passion for great cuisine - a real foodie so to say. And of course, she is obsessed with fashion, which you can tell from her weakness for peplum cuts and ruffles. At hey woman! Oriane is responsible for shooting, producing and styling as well as editing and collage design.