Editorial: Gucci Bloom x Stella von Senger

Gucci Bloom unfolds into fresh, feminine florals. Stella von Senger in our editorial for the new fragrance


From white to pink to red: Rangoon Creeper changes color when it comes into full bloom. What a spectacle of nature! For his first fragrance for Gucci, Creative Director Alessandro Michele was inspired by the South Indian vine plant, which is also being used for the first time in the creation of a perfume. Gucci Bloom gives off powdery floral and wonderfully feminine notes and leaves behind a fresh, petal scent on the skin. Michele developed it with the legendary Spanish perfumer Alberto Morillas.

“I wanted a rich white floral fragrance, a courageous scent that transports you to a vast garden filled with many flowers and plants, a bouquet of abundance. The garden is as beautiful as women are; colorful, wild, diverse, where there is everything. Gucci Bloom smells of this garden in order to travel to a place that is not there.”

When it came to a visual realization of Alessandro Michele’s associations, of course one woman came to my mind: Stella von Senger. That moment in which a young woman finds her own self – as romanticized and kitschy as that may sound – appears to be where she is right now. Stella surprises us again and again with good ideas that often go against all conventions as well as with her bubbling drive and joie de vivre. In short: her very own kind of femininity.


Our production was Gucci Bloom in every respect. Lush flowers had to be there, the 1973 vintage car of our dreams that was especially driven to the forecourt of the Berlin Philharmonic from Bavaria, and the best of all photographers! Denise Bodden saw exactly what we had hoped for through the lens of her Yashica. Photographed under a clear sky and the best sunshine, Hans Scharoun’s early 1960s architecture was a great contrast – and, therefore, the perfect setting – for the new Gucci fragrance bottle. The Toile-de-Jouy printed box is part of the package, which once again inspired us to think about Michele’s mission.

Seen historically, this kind of fabric is a relic from 17th century France that was imported from India by Portuguese sailors. Using copper plates, filigree, Chinoiserie motifs were printed in red (or blue) onto white, very smooth cotton fabric, the so-called calico. The recurring theme is basically “Europe meets Asia” – or in as much as it’s allowed to be inspired by a distant culture to realize your own vision. In Alessandro Michele’s case, the vision of today’s woman.

This is exactly what Michele has been doing since he started turning the industry upside down as the head of Gucci’s design team. He proves that even consumers who would seem more “classic” and reserved take pleasure in becoming aware of their own personal expressiveness – and to go live it out with authenticity, joie de vivre, and diversity. A celebration of opposites.

Gucci Bloom

Eau de Parfum 100ml, € 119 via Gucci.com

Translation: Melissa Frost

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