Berliner Modesalon: Backstage at Vanessa Schindler

Beauty editor Anna Bok was backstage at Berlin Fashion Week and took a look at the hairstyles and the latest trends from Wella Professionals

Thursday July 6, 7am: While other people are probably just hitting the snooze button on their alarms, I find myself backstage at the Berliner Mode Salon. Admittedly, it’s not a glamorous time of day, but still I happily accept that whatever’s about to happen behind the scenes in the beauty-technical department will be just as exciting as the shows themselves. When do you get the opportunity to look over the shoulder of the best stylists out there and learn about the latest trends first hand?

My first impression before Vanessa Schindler’s show – and you should definitely have that name on your radar, especially now that the Swiss designer has won this year’s renowned Hyères Fashion Award: The mood is astonishingly calm. And that’s even though the team from Wella Professionals, who are responsible for more than 10 hair stylings during Berlin Fashion Week, had to make a quick change of plans this morning: Originally, the look was going to be loose, curly hair. But then at the first fitting it turned out that the models would be wearing gigantic earrings on the runway. And those two elements, when put together, are anything but optimal.

Instead, the hair stylists created a modern bun look. And it’s not only so wonderful that an excited whisper went around backstage even while the demo was being done on the first model – no, it also goes really well with Vanessa Schindler’s looks: These tightly turned, glossy buns on the backs of the models’ heads reflect the smooth surfaces perfectly. The loosely pulled-apart strands on the top of the head and on the sides harmonize just as well with the casual pieces in the collection.   

This “easy done” styling with ultra-fine, nonchalantly protruding baby hairs is a big trend, explains Wella Professionals Trend Coach Janina Ehrenberg in an interview. In regards to color, people are going for more highs and lows in the hair: “What’s important is that the color gradient is very natural and soft. The roots often stay a little darker, the lengths lighter. Nude blonde tones and powdery copper tones are very fashionable, as well.”

What’s sticking around are pastel tones, however in softer variations and not as bold as they were in past season – go to Google and type in keywords “unicorn hair” and “rainbow hair.” When it comes to trends, by the way, there’s also another revival happening: Individual, expressive looks and cuts are coming back, for example the mullet! But also as a reduced and more natural version, for example as bangs.

And the perfect summer hairdo? Janina Ehrenberg recommends the loosely pulled-apart bun that the team created for the Vanessa Schindler show. “For the office, I would style it a little cleaner on the top. For an evening garden party, you can easily mess up the contours a little bit.” We’ll definitely try it!

Here’s the step-by-step guide from Wella Professionals:

  1. Section off the hair on the back of the head in a circular manner and fasten it into a high ponytail. The front and side sections remain free. Put a little Just Brilliant Shine Pomade on the ponytail so that the bun will be smooth and shiny.
  1. Spray the front and side sections with Dry Me Dry Shampoo, backcomb, and loosely break up the hair. That’s how the hair gets more grip and the strands can be pulled out better at the end.
  1. Divide the outer sections into individual strands and twist them one by one around the ponytail and fasten with hairpins. Glam Mist gives more grip.
  1. Wrap the ponytail tightly into a bun and fasten with hairpins high on the back of the head. Finish by pulling out some fine strands at the front and side sections.
Photos: Silvia Conde
Translation: Melissa Frost



Anna Bok was born and raised in Berlin. After stops in Freiburg and Florence, she made her way to Hamburg in 2007 to study journalism and art history – where she stayed and worked as a freelance journalist with various publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Blonde. She’s now returned to Berlin after nearly 10 years in the Hanseatic City. When Anna isn’t writing about beauty, fashion, or traveling, you’ll often find her on her yoga mat (recommendations for studios in Berlin welcome!).