Beauty Top 4: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronsaeure Beauty

If you want your skin to look fresh and firm, then hyaluronic acid is your best choice. Here are four of our beauty editor Anna Bok’s favorites

Even if you don’t want to believe the summer is over – raise your hand if you’re like me and still wearing your loafers without socks! – your sweaters are slowing taking a spot front and center in your wardrobe and even a few things in your beauty routine are changing. It’s still a little early for that rich winter face cream, though. What’s better right now: reaching for a moisture booster, because skin does start to react to the change of seasons with dry spots. And that’s where hyaluronic acid comes into play.

The active ingredient may sound like something out of a chemistry lab, but in fact it is actually a sugar molecule that is also naturally present in the body as well – mostly even directly in the skin, where it regulates the water content. Speaking of superpowers, hyaluronic acid can store an enormous amount of water in cells: six liters per gram of its own weight, to be exact. And that’s no exaggeration.

Why should you use hyaluronic acid creams if it’s already in your skin? Because your body’s own production of hyaluronic acid starts gradually decreasing after the age of 25. For your skin, that means less elasticity and resiliency – and more wrinkles. A product with this powerful ingredient quickly replenishes these moisture deposits. So when my own skin is looking thirsty after months of sun and heat and the switch-over to dry, centrally heated air is posing some challenges, I prefer to use the following products:

1. Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Mask by Magicstripes


Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Mask, € 27.30 via Selfridges

Sheet masks, cotton fiber soaked in active ingredients, originally come from Korea. My all time favorite, however, is by Magicstripes and comes from Germany.

You’ll need a little bit of finesse when putting on the two sections – one for the lower and one for the upper part of the face – as the gel film is naturally a bit slippery. Basically, just go lie down and relax for half an hour. Then it won’t slip around. My skin absorbs the hyaluronic acid and the hydro-gel like a sponge each time and looks dewy and firm afterwards. I also highly recommend this mask after a short night’s sleep – it’s like an optical replacement for a quick getaway.

2. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum by The Ordinary

The Ordinary

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5-Serum, € 8.53 via Adore Beauty

I stumbled across the Canadian brand The Ordinary when reading about the incredibly long waiting lists for some of the products. No wonder, since the brand only uses a few – but 

therefore extremely high quality – ingredients. All of the products are also cruelty-free and made without parabens, mineral oil, and the like. At the same time, the prices are affordable because the The Ordinary calculates lower profit margins. Top!

I apply this vegan hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 serum both morning and night under my normal cream and the extra effort is worth it. Not only do serums generally have a higher concentration of active ingredients than creams, but this serum also specially contains very small hyaluronic molecules that can penetrate even deeper into your skin.

3. Vital Facial Cream by Nuori


Vital Facial Cream, € 64.96 via Content Beauty

Next comes Nuori’s moisturizing cream. What I really like is that this Danish label doesn’t use artificial preservatives, so it’s pure freshness is the truest sense of the word. Alongside said hyaluronic acid, the jojoba and almond oils in this cream provide a regenerative effect while vitamin C and E deliver antioxidant protection. One more plus: The light consistency absorbs into skin in a flash.

4. Hydroxytyrosol Skin Molecules Capsules by Oliveda


Hydroxytyrosol Skin Molecule Capsules, € 69.95 via Oliveda

True beauty comes from within – that sounds trite, but it’s true. Nutritional supplements can offer some good support here and bolster the skin from inside out. Your skin becomes more even, reflects the light better, and there it is, that so-often quoted “glow.” My favorite is by Oliveda: These capsules aren’t just enriched with hyaluronic acid, but also score some points for containing hydroxytyrosol (a powerful antioxidant derived from the olive tree), skin-firming coenzyme Q10, and the trace element zinc, which reduces inflammation. Perfect “skin food”.

Translation: Melissa Frost

Anna Bok was born and raised in Berlin. After stops in Freiburg and Florence, she made her way to Hamburg in 2007 to study journalism and art history – where she stayed and worked as a freelance journalist with various publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and Blonde. She’s now returned to Berlin after nearly 10 years in the Hanseatic City. When Anna isn’t writing about beauty, fashion, or traveling, you’ll often find her on her yoga mat (recommendations for studios in Berlin welcome!).