Beauty: Aesop Skincare Workshop

Aesop and hey woman! co-hosted an “Urban Living” workshop – for a self-treatment and to find out how skin reacts to environmental factors

My facial care routine changeover to Aesop products is something we already touched on here – and it’s high time that this conviction spread beyond our four office walls and out to our readers. So it was an even bigger pleasure to be able to co-host with Aesop and offer a “hand’s on” workshop at the Alte Schönhauser Straße store in Berlin. Coach Doreen Ooi stood at our side and explained the scientific details related to the topic of urban living and how the skin reacts to environmental influences. Going down a long table loaded with glass bowls, mirrors, and products, we went through the recommended sequence – virtually a self-test. First came cleansing, either with oil or a cleanser. Then there was the toner – important for liberating the skin of hard water elements, neutralizing it, and giving it some moisture. We tested an exfoliator and tried out the cleansing masks. Two alternatives were offered for eye care, and for the final moisturizing step, the B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel with its honey-like texture was introduced to us among a few others.

At the end of the day, the question of which choice is best for your own skin can probably only be answered in a personal conversation after a consultation. The Aesop Parsley Seed series is among my own favorites because it contains a number of valuable antioxidants and vitamins that both appease and do well by the skin of stressed-out big city dwellers. In the hope that the lucky participants liked the two-hour intensive training course as much as we did, we’re providing details of the elements of facial care here. If you didn’t know better, you might think that the results are just as intensely radiant as after an educational self-treatment. And since June is dedicated to the topic of “Skin and Environment: A Dialogue,” here’s a description from Aesop:

“Our skin isn’t just an organ directly exposed to the elements, but also one that reacts to them. Every day we throw ourselves into the chaos of the modern world – a world in which our personal space, our food, and the air we breathe is often awash with the influence of cumulative impurities and hazardous substances. Our skin responds to all of these things. Environmental pollution, pharmaceuticals, stress, climate change – the skin is permeable and just as subject to moods as we are ourselves. The Aesop philosophy is to nourish, to protect, and to take a cautious approach. This reflects the underlying belief that we recognize our skin’s well-being when we protect it through discerning care rituals and provide it with moisture and nutrients.”

Find further information and inspirations on Aesop’s website here and via their Instagram account (@aesopskincare) here.

Images: Rebecca Crawford
Translation: Melissa Frost

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