Women We Love: Krissy Jones

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Krissy Jones is the next in our series of Women We Love and talks about her successful yoga studio Sky Ting in New York City

Attentive readers will already know that Krissy Jones once saved me from my long-standing yoga phobia. At Veronika’s insistence that I please do myself a big favor and go use the Nike Concierge Service – it was directly around the corner from our hotel and since it was all about booking one-on-one hours, I’d be able to set the tone and say, if needed, that something didn’t feel good.

Then there I was, with my ribcage in a sling around my back, sitting cross-legged, so wide open that I could hardly believe my own lungs or the amount of air that was suddenly flowing through them. Of course for my little subjective part, the person responsible for this was going to be assigned the status of an eye-opening super woman, and Krissy Jones – the 28-year-old co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga Studios – is indeed an exception person.

When we first met back then in January of 2015, the yoga courses starting at her first studio on Chrystie Street were bursting at the seams. Originally started with her partner Chloe Kernaghan as co-teachers, they gradually started to bring more people onto the team. There from the start: the giraffe. It can still be seen in their remarkably entertaining newsletter, which you can still subscribe to even if you’re not lucky enough to live in New York. Inbox amusement guaranteed.

Yoga has been her passion since she was 20, and now Sky Ting’s second location is about to open. Over the course of the year they’ll be offering retreats, courses for those who want to become teachers themselves, want to see the world from a whole new perspective, or just want to know how to finally meditate for longer than 10 minutes.

Her approach to teaching yoga in an environment that isn’t dogmatic is impressive. But, read for yourself:

Translation: Melissa Frost

I’ve studied the body-mind connection through dance since a young age, and transitioned into practicing yoga in college. When I moved to NYC after graduation, I did my teaching training in yoga and realized I loved it. Once I found my mentor, Nevine Michaan, I knew I wanted to teach yoga for the rest of my life. I started SKY TING YOGA last year after realizing there was a need for a different type of studio – a place that’s well designed and non-dogmatic. I love the community that we’ve created through SKY TING. I love the people I teach and the team of teachers I work with!

Instagram is a helpful tool for us – we post information about what’s happening at our studio on a daily basis. It’s the fastest way to connect to our students. We also use Instagram as a platform to convey our vibe, image, and the voice of SKY TING!


My meditation and pranayama practice helps me prioritize everything that’s going on in my life. It helps me manage stress and anxiety when things become overwhelming. I’m more productive when I meditate – I can focus better and have a clearer sense of what’s important, which is very helpful when I think about the 100 unread emails in my inbox every day.

I usually wake up early and teach a private client around 8am. Then around 10am, I take a yoga class or do some sort of home practice. From 12-5pm I’m at SKY TING working on emails, having meetings, etc. I teach another class around 6pm and I finish my day at 7:30pm. I make sure I take an hour out of my day to do something fun and healing for myself – usually that’s taking a yoga class, dance class, going to acupuncture, or getting a massage. Recently I’ve been going to the spa once a week!

The work-life balance is an interesting question for me because I don’t really view SKY TING as work. I’m in love with what I do and it makes me really happy. But I make sure that I don’t check emails right when I wake up in the morning, and then not after 6pm. This has been really effective for me!  Add to this how fortunate I am to work with Chloe Kernaghan, my business partner in crime! She’s my ride or die. We run the studio together, teach together, travel together, and we’re also very good friends. We have the same background and philosophy in yoga, and we’re usually on the same page about where we want SKY TING to go!

As a location, New York is also a big help in terms of drive. People need yoga in this city – it’s so crazy and fast-paced. I make sure to give people practical tools they can use to handle stress and anxiety. And for my part: I love how energized NYC makes me feel. There’s never a dull moment in my day. I’m not very good at sitting still (even though I’m a yoga teacher). I also love not having a car and still having the world at my fingertips.

If I could switch jobs with someone it would probably be Beyonce (that’s if I had her voice/talent, of course!). I love performing and traveling the world. I think she would make a great yoga teacher too, that is if she had to swap jobs with me (LOL).

Looking to the future, we’re planning to have two studios up and running soon – we’re opening our second location this winter in Tribeca. We’re also launching four retreats in 2017, as well as two teacher training programs.


Due to the awesomeness of their Newsletter, our office highly recommends to sign up for it.

Sky Ting Yoga Studio
Chinatown NYC
55 Chrystie St. (at Canal St.)
4th Floor
New York, NY 10002
(212) 203-5786

Instagram @krassyjones and @skytingyoga.


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