Veronika’s Beauty Routine

Beauty Products
© Julia Zierer

I’ve always found beauty products exciting. And no cost or effort is too great. As a teenager, my sister teased me for being a “palette addict” – she claimed I had a different type of cream for every centimeter of my skin.. If I take a look in my bathroom, then I’m afraid that today she could even say that I have a different product for every millimeter. And, at 186 centimeters tall, that adds up.

Nevertheless, I find (and we’re ignoring my boyfriend’s loud cries of protest) that my morning and evening bathroom routine is very effective and quick. The art is, after all, to look as natural as possible. At the moment, these are my favorite products.


I haven’t used a face wash for a long time, and instead just water – and as cold as possible at that, because it’s good for keeping the skin firm. In the evening after drying, I use a PHA Bio Peel Pad by Zelens . Just wipe your whole face and neck with it. That’s it. I would almost like to claim that this new style of cleaning has significantly improved my complexion.

Afterwards, I apply das Z Recovery Repair Balm by Zelens. Generously on the neck, as well. Under my eyes, I pat on Tissue Serum by Anne Semonin. I remove the unwanted last bits of mascara with a cotton pad. If it’s going to be a more complex job with the eye make-up, then I use Dr. Hauschka’s Augenbalsam, which always removes everything perfectly.

Generally speaking, I don’t really like make-up removal products because they always burn your eyes and are rarely really effective. If I have a breakout, I dab on some Buffering Lotion by Mario Badescu (really and truly a wonder product!!!). In the morning, I don’t use a Peel Pad, but rather just clear, cold water. I strongly believe that the skin is its own best healer and doesn’t need another whole other cleaning procedure in the morning.

Next, I apply the Z Matrix Energy Moisturizer by Zelens. It’s a light cream that perfectly moisturizes my skin. Under my eyes, I pat on the Anne Semonin serum again and then Restorative Eye Cream by Tata Harper on top.

The skin around my eyes is very delicate and really needs good care so that I don’t end up looking like a vampire with dark shadows. In the case of a breakout, I use Mario Badescu’s Drying Creme. Simply pat on the affected area. Its mattifying effect usually saves me the use of concealer.

That’s already it with daily care. Of course, I have a few super helpers that I use every now and then: the Deep Detox Tightening Mask by Magic Stripes really does wonders and the best part is that the individual use packages are great to travel with. So, I can also be super prepared on the go without having to tote around extra tubes.

If my skin is looking a little dull and scaly or I’ve applied sun protection a few days in a row, then I’ll exfoliate in the evening. My favorite at the moment is by L.A. super physician Dr. Lancer and is called The Method Polish. I just need a bit of it and the next morning my skin looks infinitely fresh and feels soft. And on the topic of sun protection, it’s really important. I tend to get pigment spots, and especially on my upper lip – not really a great spot – and therefore use sun cream pretty much the whole summer. A really good product is Sheer Fluid by Dr. Lancer. It has a light texture and can be worn partially over your other skincare products. It is really the first sunscreen I’ve used that didn’t give me the feeling that it was completely blocking my pores.

Beauty Products
© Julia Zierer


My skin is generally very dry, so it’s been a long, long time since I’ve used shower gel. At the most I exfoliate now and then, either using the Geranium Leaf Scrub by Aesop – it’s a great help if you have a tendency, for example, to get ingrown hairs. When it comes to skin care, for me it can never be rich enough. Creme Riche by Diptyque wins the scent contest. It smells pleasant and discreet and I feel freshly bathed the entire day.

On the topic, I love oil baths. Best in the winter, of course, but even in the summer it has to happen every now and then. There’s nothing as relaxing as the scent of aromatherapy oils. I always buy the Essential Travel Oils and take the individual little bottles on my travels. A hot bath after a long photo shoot is like a little holiday to me. At home, I like the different kinds of bath salts by Susanne Kaufmann a lot (they’re really relaxing and help pretty much every kind of ailment) – combine it with my favorite scented candle of the moment, the wonderful Tubéreuse (through Niche) by Diptyque, and a book in my hand and it’s one of my favorite activities.

Even when travelling, and especially in New York hotel rooms where you can’t open the windows or the heating or air conditioning is humming away, I need a room scent to feel settled. The perfumed sheets by Santa Maria Novella are perfect. They’re super small and easy to take with you. Just light and fill the room with a bit of scented smoke, but don’t fall asleep while doing it…so that the fire department won’t need to come.

My secret tip for an alone night on the sofa is the Hand Repairing Gloves by Magic Stripes for perfectly soft hands. You can use each pair about three times.

During the summer, I have an aloe vera gel ready for any day I may get too much sun. The one by Santa Maria Novella is my new favorite, maybe also because shopping in the brand’s Florentine shop was so much fun.

Last, but not least, my favorite product for a whole 24 years: Bocage von Lancôme. It was my first deodorant, and I picked it out on a shopping trip with my mom – at first, because I really liked the colors on the package. Today, it’s still on my side because it so discreetly smells like almost nothing, and obviously because I’m a secret nostalgic.

Beauty Products
© Julia Zierer


For my hair, I’ve tried just about everything, and always with one goal in mind: naturally healthy, shiny, soft hair that looks a little unkempt and surfer-ish and also a bit stingy and heavy metal. The only products I’ve been loyal to for years in my hair care program are my brushes: I have a Mason Pearson in small (great for travelling) and in large – and I swear, they are the best thing that ever happened to my hair. Hair color god Josh Wood recommended them to me many, many years ago at a time when all (yes, really all) of my hair was breaking off from bleaching. He promised that these brushes would help through the recovery process and it was true and still is.

Now on to shampoo – at the moment, I swear by Christophe Robin. By the Prickly Pear Oil series, to be exact. The shampoo, masque, and the Baume Règènèrant Intense (also great for lips and dry areas on your skin) have exactly the right amount of emollients (sometimes to my chagrin, too much!) for my hair’s tendency towards dryness. I pair that with the Regenerating Hair Finish Lotion, which is a leave-in treatment. Now and then, I do a hair detox: the Cleansing Mask with Lemon is life changing. Simply fantastic for waking up a faded blonde. Since I learned that fashion critic Virginie Mouzat gets her unforgettably great blonde at Christophe Robin, I’m a fan.

It’s still not enough, though, and I use Kiehl´s Creme with Silk Groom daily to smooth out my dry ends – just massage it in to dry hair. It’s best to use a dab of Oi Oil by Davines before for wonderful shine. But, my personal secret recipe for very dry, raggedy hair is: wash less! If possible, just once or maximum twice per week. And never use a hair dryer. Simply let your hair air dry for less volume.

Beauty Products
© Julia Zierer


Since I obviously spend a lot of time in the bathroom with my care routines, I can luckily save a lot of time with make-up. I only use concealer. Touche Èclat by YSL is simply the best of the best. Still. Only in very special cases when I absolutely want a special “glow” will I use a dab of MAC’s Face and Body Foundation. The trick is to use a shade darker, but watch out that you don’t get an unattractive line at your jaw. The best, really, is just to use it at night.

I always, always use a bronzer as a blush, at the moment Casino by Nars. As needed I’ll add Magic Stripes – my absolute lifesaver on days when I look swollen. And then lots of black mascara by YSL, namely Volume Effet Faux Cils, for the Marianne Faithfull look. The most important is my Chanel eyebrow pencil in shade #3. Even if I’m otherwise not a big fan of contouring and similar things, when it comes to eyebrows, I swear that they can completely change your face if they’re emphasized right. I don’t pluck my eyebrows at all, and they’re really thick, so I just fill in the outer edges a bit.

If I want to paint it on a bit thicker in the evening, then it has to be a smoky eye. A bit scruffy, smeared, and over the edges is how I like it the most. And a red-cast has something vampire-ish about it and really brings out the blue in my eyes. The ingredients for the look: Gunmetal Smoke by Laura Mercier and Seduction by Nars mix really well together.

And lastly, absolutely and do not forget: perfume! For the daytime, at the moment it’s Bigararda Concentre for Frederic Malle, developed by Jean-Claude Ellena (the perfumier at Hermès). I just want to take a bath in its fresh orange scent! For touch-ups or simply for layering, I use my favorite classic Chanel No.5 Eau Premiér in the small travel bottle. And for the evening, I love Super Cedar by Byredo.

Born and raised in Munich/Germany, Veronika’s professional career has developed from being a model to a fashion editor, to online luxury retailing and most recently style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany. She currently lives in Berlin where in the beginning of 2015 she started a company with Julia Knolle, the ex-editor at large of Vogue Digital.
Oh, and she loves pugs!