Trend Watch: Euro Yellow

©Collage / Julia Zierer

Veronika Heilbrunners personal color of the season is Euro Yellow as seen at the catwalk from Saint Laurent to Gucci

A classic in fashion magazines, and likewise, one of the most frequently asked questions during my internships and time as an assistant, is about the “color of the season.” “Purple” (because for years it was more or less my favorite color) and “Ah, yes, also emerald green, snow white, midnight blue, tomato red, sun yellow, Yves Klein blue and black, too,” I usually answered.

And I’ve often become frustrated that there’s only supposed to be one color each season. In the end, every designer interprets their color palette differently and that’s a good thing. The bottom line was that in my reports about the shows it should definitely never turn out that only one color came to the fore.

As beautiful as that may be, I’m shattering it now. Because every now and then a color appears that hits me intuitively to the core. And then that’s my personal color of the season. Or, to be more precise, a hue that follows me through multiple collections. Last year it was a deep burgundy or bordeaux, which has now been replaced by: you got it, yellow.


I can still remember the exact moment: It was a beautiful early summer day in New York as the dream of a flowing silk dress came over me. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I was completely overwhelmed by the Resort Show 2015 from Gucci? That the styling at the first show of Alessandro Michele with many large rings on every finger was captivating? Or also, that these beings were sweeping over beautiful carpets? I couldn’t say. Only that I couldn’t get this dress and this color out of my head.

Then Gianni’s show in August in Copenhagen followed. The great track suit pieces did it for me. And surprise – the details were almost all more yellow than yellow.

The final “tap on the back of the head” came to me during the show from Valentino in October in Paris. In the sea of beautiful, romantic, darkly-refined luxurious robes with tribal components, Adrienne Jüliger (one of my favorite German models, fyi) created the key element of the show with a beautiful, also flowing, yellow dress. Not a classic sun yellow. Rather, greenish and slightly dirty. A fine nuance that looked very elegant and somehow had a “soft” effect.


Now, all of these images bubbled within me over the last few months. And two days ago it happened. At a ATM at Berlin’s Savignyplatz. I picked up a few bills to change, we were finally going to Paris and I wanted to be prepared. As fate would have it, included was a 200 Euro bill. I’d never had one of these in my hands. Crazy. And this color! A tired, slightly greenish yellow, a bit retro also, and bright, but discreetly. So beautiful. I was suddenly suspicious about this little indulgence. Wait a moment, wasn’t it…?!

On the flight to Paris I was pulling all my favorite pieces that had this particular yellow together. And with great joy I realized that last year’s Surf Collection from Saint Laurent must have definitely pressed one of my buttons. I found exactly this yellow in the diagonal color of the cardigans. Dries van Noten, Vetements, Miu Miu and Gucci continued with it in their SS16 collections.

You can see how wonderfully the “Euro Yellow” works as icing on the cake in the elaborately crystal stone embroidered sweater by Alexander McQueen and the basket bag from Stella McCartney.


The oil from Aura-Soma Equilibrium fascinated me in the aforementioned years of my internships and work as an assistant in Munich. At that time, I fondly ran past a health food store in the Glockenbachviertel where there was a glass wall with all these little bottles. I thought the color scheme was immensely beautiful. Like Mark Rothko, filled with fragrant essences.

Clearly, in general, and particularly this hue, yellow isn’t so easy to wear. (Where are bronzed summer skin and dark brown manes of hair when you need them? Yellow requires the perfect backdrop, so to speak, because it’s just not very flattering.) Nevertheless, (and probably because I am so fond of the color), it is easy for me to combine them. Natural materials like cork and suede, as seen in the wonderful plateau sandals by Gianvito Rossi and the skirts of M.i.H. Jeans are the perfect pairing. I’ll admit – the bikini from Eres tends a bit towards orange. Regardless, the vibe is right, and I want to immediately throw the poncho from Valentino and the necklace from Acne Studios over it and return to Australia to do nothing more than pet koalas for the whole day.

Translation: Alicia Reuter