Travel: Gloria in Seoul

©Collage / Oriane Baud

This time, Gloria ended up in Seoul: a glimmering city that is as constant as it is contemporary

The capital of South Korea is constantly changing and reinventing itself – a real metropolis of the future. Modern skyscrapers, glimmering LED lights, and a lively lifestyle exist here in parallel to old traditions. They work hand-in-hand to shape the cityscape. Whether you’re a fashion, art, or architecture lover – or a foodie – Seoul has an enormous amount to offer in all areas. Here are my absolute favorites for an exciting week full of variety.

Hotel: RakKoJae Seoul

© Rakkojae

This wonderful boutique hotel was painstakingly renovated in 2003 and is comprised at the moment of 3 rooms and 2 suites that are located in traditional Korean residential buildings (called Hanok). This is the perfect place to find inner peace and relaxation, and in the middle of a modern, pulsing big city, it’s like traveling back to a Korea of another time.

Museum: D Museum

© Daelimmuseum

The established museum for contemporary art, Daelim Museum, has already proved with its D Project Space expansion in the popular Dokseodang-ro street scene that it’s open for constant change. With the opening of the D Museum, only a few blocks away, now it’s going even a step further and offering new spaces for especially experimental art.

Wellness: Twinkle Clinic

© Skintwinkler

It hasn’t been a secret for a long time that the Koreans are experts in all things beauty related. The newly-opened Twinkle Clinic in the Seocho district offers a giant selection of treatments – the menu ranges from cleansing applications all the way to most modern methods of skin renewal. When you see the flawless skin of the clinic’s enchanting owner Dr. Kim, it will be clear: here, you’re in the very best hands.

Restaurant: Poom

The plates at Poom Restaurant are new interpretations of dishes that were once served in the palace to prominent families of the royal dynasty. The menu consists of many small, painstakingly prepared, traditional courses. Exclusively regional ingredients influence the changing menu selections, which are created seasonally.

Favorite Spot: Seoul Tower

© N Seoul Tower

The 236.7 meter-high TV tower on top of Nam Mountain is easily reached by cableway and is the landmark of the city. Once you reach the top, you won’t only see tourists. Many enamored couples use the gate of the viewing platform to seal their love with a lock before taking in the nightly spectacle of lights from the city.

Translation: Melissa Frost
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