Travel: Gloria in Rio

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Sea promenades, the Sugar Loaf Mountain and an extra dose of the Brazilian attitude to life

Although Rio de Janeiro is not Brazil’s capital anymore it sure is the most popular travel destination of the country. This metropolitan is as vivid as it is versatile: you can experience just about anything, whether it’s daytime or nighttime: ranging from relaxed beach life to ultra chic bars and restaurants. Here’s a quick round-up of my personal highlights…

Hotel: Santa Teresa

The luxurious Fazenda was named after the city district, that is located on a hill in the North of the town. Santa Teresa, formerly a very noble district with its signature mansions and stately buildings, is a trendy neighbourhood with lots of bars and restaurants today. The enchanted Boutiquehotel, that is perfectly located, offers a relaxing retreat and an impeccable cuisine with a view of the bay.

Beach: Ipanema

The beaches of Rio de Janeiro are world-famous and were referred to in countless songs. Although the beach area at the Copacabana is quite overrun by tourists these days, you can spend your whole day in a beach chair for a low cost and drink fresh coconut water or observe the surroundings.

Favorite Place: Parque Lage

A beautiful park in the neighbourhood of Jardim Botânico on the foothills of the Corcovado mountain, which has only been open to public since the 1960s. Every now and then you can spot monkeys and even toucans in between the treetops of the tropical fauna. Right at the center of the park there is an old villa, that houses ateliers of the art academy as well as a little café in the gorgeous courtyard.

Monument:  Cristo Redentor

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At the top  of Corcovado mountain there’s the impressive statue of Christ, looking across Sugar Loaf Mountain with arms widespread. Especially at sunset the way up is rewarding, because of the great view across the bay and great areas of Rio de Janeiro, that gleam in deep red afterglow, before the city starts to sparkle at night.


Art: Instituto Moreira Salles


The IMS foundation, which was finished in 1951, is located in the former residential complex of the wealthy banker and ambassador Walther Moreira Salles.  The institute possesses the biggest private photo collection in Brazil. The garden of the estate was created by the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, who is also responsible for the famous pattern on the sidewalks of the Copacabana.

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