Top 5: Nourishing Hair Sprays

In a daily care routine, it’s the hair that gets shorted. Skin is thoroughly lavished with toner, serum and various creams, routinely peeled and oiled – and hair? When conditioner is used every few days after shampooing, it’s considered a lot. Yup.

Good news: this state of things is easy to change and can be done with a hairspray. No, not the kind that will keep your hair shaped even in gale force winds, rather one that delivers care with a spray. The protective, luster-amplifying and wonderfully scented sprays are simply added to the hair. And there’s no need to rinse!

A few spritzes after shampooing can make a big difference and can also be used for anyone who’s in a hurry.

Here are our favorites:


The name says it all: this leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle supplies the length of your hair with nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and essential oils. This spray treatment is especially beneficial for fans of hairdryers, it protects from heat. After shampooing, generously spray the lengths of your hair and leave in for a bit before drying and styling with a flat iron, for example. The natural aroma of herbs has an invigorating effect and hair feels silky and smooth. Yarok mean “green” in Hebrew. The founder of the brand, Mordechai Alvow, is a hair stylist and sought to develop products that use organic, herbal ingredients to achieve the same results as chemical styling products. The Feed Your Ends spray leaves the impression that he’s succeeded.


Feed Your Ends Leave In Conditioner, € 33,00 via Niche-Beauty


You’ll want to have this product in your bathroom right now based on the design alone. White and pale pink is always a good combination. The name, “Mermaid Hair,” also somehow has an attractive effect and naturally evokes associations: Who doesn’t want long, softly flowing, hair, as though it was floating under water, just as we know from mermaids? Actually, the spray enriched with aloe, jojoba oil, seaweed and algae is a moisturizer. The home of said mermaid won’t smell like the sea with this spray. Rather, like coconut. And quite intensely. But used sparingly it adds a fresh, pleasant scent that lasts the day and guarantees a soft sheen.

Mermaid Perfume

Mermaid Hair Shine Spray, € 36,00 via Niche-Beauty


This spray lotion is an exceptionally perfect product for unruly hair. Manketti oil protects, algae extracts detangle and Alexandrian senna, a type of plant found throughout Africa and Asia, has a smoothing effect.

Vigorously shake the two phase product (one has an oily consistency the other is watery) to mix and then spray onto damp hair.

Hair that previously felt squeaky and dry feels significantly softer, smoother and more manageable after just a few sprays. Unruly hair is tamed and fine hairs become easier to grasp during subsequent styling. Bonus point: When applied before sunbathing, a fine spray coating on the hair offers UVA and UVB filters as protection from wind and sun.

Leonor Greyl

Lait Luminescence, € 37,00 via Leonor Greyl


John Masters’ products completely avoid chemicals. Simple and natural recipes are the goal of the brand. This moisturizing spray was actually intended for the care and refreshment of skin. A simple recipe with only seven ingredients, including aloe vera and rose extract, means that the spray is an all-around talent. It’s also a boon for heat or after a long run, tired legs as well as dryness from warm air or hair damaged by too much drying. Because it doesn’t contain any oils that means no adverse effects and especially suitable for fine hair. Dry scalps are happy with a few sprays of this gently nurturing toning mist. Practical: you can put one bottle in your bathroom cabinet and one in your beauty bag, because anyone needing something nourishing for the hair and face will find it from John Masters Organics. The Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Voluminizer with 17 different herbal essences and oils improves nutrient uptake in hair follicles, activates blood circulation as well as the metabolism of the scalp. At that: It actually sounds like it would also be good for your complexion.

John Masters Organics

Rose & Aloe Hydrating Toning Mist, € 16,65 via Niche-Beauty


My absolute favorite scent. Sweet and fresh at the same time, with hints of coconut, vanilla and agave, this spray not only leaves a fragrance, but also healthy shimmering hair. The brand Agave Healing Oil was developed by Fernando Romero, who grew up with his grandmother in Mexico. He learned to create cosmetics from natural raw ingredients. The main ingredient of the product is no longer hard to recognize: Agave. The oil and sugar obtained from the plant are natural beautifiers for skin and hair. For example, the shine spray contains sugar, which lends hair moisture and shine.

Tip: The spray can also be used whenever you want for dry hair. After a night in a smoky bar, before going to bed, simply spray a little cloud and let it permeate your hair, and go to sleep with soft fragrant locks.  


Revitalizing Shine Spray, € 32,00 via Niche-Beauty

Julia Alfert

Originally from Hamburg, Julia Alfert moved to Berlin from Paris in 2010. After completing her studies in Art History and trying out different jobs, her path led her to Harper’s Bazaar, where she worked as Fashion & Beauty Assistant until mid 2015. While she’s harboured a love for all things beauty-related for as long as she can remember, her discovery of the written word is recent. When Julia isn’t busy trying out different creams, oils, and sprays she writes and styles for an assortment of magazines and websites.