Top 5 Movies to Watch in Spring / Summer 2016

©Collage / Oriane Baud

One of my little secret pleasures on a Sunday, is to go to the cinema all by myself: preferably when the sun is shining and the city is still quiet and peaceful. At best at theaters where there’s no chance of running into anyone I know. Wearing leggings and my favorite sweater, but no make up, I love to forget time for a while, turn off (!) my phone and blissfully leave the cinema hall full of energy for the upcoming week.

Last Sunday I did not make it though, because there wasn’t a single movie that met my taste – and usually I go for arthouse or niche films. Then I noticed, that all the good openings appear to be scheduled for Mai 5, which is why I compiled this list of movies I’m looking forward to already and do not want to miss out on:

1. A Bigger Splash



I love movies that involve a pool. And I love the eponymous work by David Hockney. So, nothing should go wrong with that. The storyline is not new: A holiday idyll is disturbed by visitors. That’s how Swimming Pool and La Piscine worked. Now, high roller like Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson and Ralph Fiennes were gathered and Luca Guadagnino, who once inspired with stunning imagery in I Am Love, will be directing.

2. First Monday in May

It’s all about self-presentation. Despite of all our the digital aspirations Anna Wintour remains the undisputed president of the fashion world. She’s perfectly positioned and her public perception is meticulously maneuvered – the excitement often takes my breath away. She is also quite talented when it comes to collect money for a good cause and that’s why she started the Met Gala. Because of all the fuss there is now a movie, that will open in US theaters on May 5.

3. Peggy Guggenheim

I devoured her biography Mistress of Modernism: The Life of Peggy Guggenheim by Mary V. Dearborn and was incredibly inspired by her headstrong attitude. Now there’s finally a film about her (directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland) and we couldn’t help but produce a separate feature about this exceptional lady, that will follow soon.

4. Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhall

“Must Watch” was the subject line of an email by a friend, who sent me a link to this trailer, without further comment. Not only because Jake Gyllenhall is a great actor (wink), but also because the topic is ever-present: attentiveness in everyday life, which you often only learn when it seems to be too late. Cinema release in Germany will be June 16.

5. Things to Come

In February Mia Hansen-Løve won a Silver Bear in the category Best Direction for Things to Come (the original title is L’Avenir). In the .. press conference she made a positive impression on me already and back home on my iPad I did my homework, to get an overview of her projects. I didn’t quite like Eden, a film about the band Daft Punk, but The Father of My Children (about a dad who commits suicide) was very moving and still shook me three days after. Now she concerns with the topic of starting new as a middle aged woman and won over no one else than Isabelle Huppert to play the lead.  

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