Top 10: Instagram Food Accounts

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The Top 10 Instagram food accounts that you shouldn’t miss

The idea for this feature was born, among other inspirations, after the “Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger” launch event when Veronika brought two food experts who were also in attendance – Nora Eisermann and Laura Muthesius – to my attention. Of course I had already been subscribing to their Instagram account @_foodstories_ for what felt like forever. What wasn’t clear to me was that another ca. 853k people followed them. Reason enough to look a little more closely here and filter out a few other similarly good feeds for you guys that are worth mentioning.

1. Our Food Stories

Founded in 2013, the two authors of Our Food Stories were motivated from the start to cook dishes and bake cakes that took their own food intolerances into account. You’ll now find 105 recipes the “Gluten Free” category.

It helps that Nora herself is “actually” a (food) stylist and Laura a photographer. The imagery follows the marketable look that’s popped up in the meantime: dark painted wall coverings, wooden tables, white icing, a bouquet of flowers – despite its popular aesthetic, it’s really nice to look at and dream along with the two authors in the world of a self-renovated country house which you’re dining in front of at a table decorated with a linen tablecloth and tableware by Villeroy & Boch.

The whole site is so perfectly and authentically prepared that even the sponsored posts are really pleasant to read (hello Ikea kitchen, muun mattress, and cookbooks from the Diogenes Verlag). No wonder that you can also book the two for social media consulting. Generally speaking, there are a lot of recipes with dough, the ingredients are organic, and both find their biggest inspiration in nature itself. My favorites can be found mostly under Dinner Stories.

Instagram: Our Food Stories 

2. What for breakfast

Breakfast is, as it’s often called, the most important meal of the day. A New York Times article recently noted that the granola hype was actually just an excuse to eat dessert first thing in the morning. Therefore, I’m ok with every inspiration to try an alkaline, exemplary alternative to the sweets, for example the Farmer’s Bowl with Green Vegetables and Egg. Marta Gerber is the woman behind What for Breakfast. She lives in Berlin and originally comes from Poland, which is why her website What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today? is bilingual. She travels a lot with her husband and child, yet the imagery stays consistent and wonderful. I like that she dedicates herself to this niche with so much passion and has remained a fresh source of inspiration over time. Categories like “In Bowls & Jars” and tags like “Heavier but Delicious” help with finding your personal favorites. 404k followers aren’t wrong.

Instagram: What for Breakfast

3. Living the Healthy Choice

Pauline Bossdorf is 22 and has laid out a precipitous career with her account. In the meantime, she has her own YouTube channel that’s produced in collaboration with “Funk”. Personally, the Instagram account Living the Healthy Choice is enough for me – there’s numerous recipes there that, as she says herself, focus on “plant based, vegetarian dishes (…) and natural ingredients only”. Sometimes there’s a mix from grandma’s garden, which she shows here. It can be so easy to eat plant-based – throw single ingredients together and done!

Instagram: Living the Healthy Choice

4. Mimi Thor

Mother, chef, TV-host. That triad already appears impressive enough, but it gets even better: the producer behind the account recommended here, Mimi Thorisson, moved from Paris with her family (which now consists of six kids plus a husband and fourteen dogs) to the country and lives an idyllic life there that is such a joy to follow. Here, the cooking is organic and primarily from their own garden, which grows seasonally. Free from strict eating regimes and new food trends. Handsomely photographed, her recipes have now been published for a second time in the form of a book (French Country Cooking, available from the 25th of October). Whoever still hasn’t had enough can even book a cooking class.

Instagram: Mimi Thor

5. My New Roots

Healthy eating has a positive effect on your health and, in case of doubt, can prevent disease and “annoyances” like cold sores, bad skin, and restlessness – I learned this and more from My New Roots. Already nearly a classic among the considerable food blogs and Instagram accounts, Sarah Britton couldn’t be left out here – she’s currently celebrating 9 years of online-existence. The event she held in Berlin back then, at which she showed how to make your own almond milk, in unforgettable. Her second cookbook will also be published in 2017 and you can see her cooking classes via Cody App. Just as unforgettable and always worth an hour of baking on Sunday: The Life Changing Loaf of Bread.

Instagram: My New Roots 

6. Nourish Atelier

Here it’s a little bit beyond pure food Instagraming: behind Nourish Atelier lies a small creative studio, initiated by Nina Olsson who was raised in Stockholm and has worked and lived in Amsterdam since. For her, cooking is a hobby that brings her joy – and you can see that. She gets along without meat and proves that, especially in the kitchen, her multifaceted way of thinking is running at full speed. Curcuma Soup, Black Bean Burger, or the Nourishing Buddha Bowl – you won’t miss anything.

Instagram: Nourish Atelier

7. Wholy Goodness

The idea for this article actually started with this lady: recently Jessica Prescott was in Berlin for a book signing (and unfortunately we missed it). Her account Wholy Goodness has already rattled through my feed for a while – a good moment to look again more closely. Moreover, we noticed her again through her collaboration with WeTransfer (behind it: a PDF booklet with recipes for her tacos) and her Kale Scones are always popping up here and there (baked by enthusiasts). Also, her warming porridge variations are just right for the winter.

Instagram: Wholy Goodness

8. Golubka Kitchen

The Vibrant Table is a cookbook that’s been on my list for ages.

The mother-daughter duo Anya Kassoff and Masha Davydova live between New York and St. Petersburg in Florida. Together they have shared their substantial knowledge of “vegetarian, mostly vegan, and sometimes raw” recipes over Golubka Kitchen since 2010. Uncontested: The Sweet Potato, Fig, and Eggplant Bowl.

Instagram: Golubka Kitchen

9. Berlin Food Stories

It feels like a new gastronomic project opens in Berlin every single minute. Regularly, I find the ones that are really worth it on @berlinfoodstories. Beyond that, the Instagramer behind this account, Per Meurling, has a sound overview of what’s otherwise going on. A kebab/döner week here, a beer festival there – even when it’s not completely in line with my personal preferences, I like the comprehensive approach. Secret tips discovered early on, that is what’s best here.

Instagram: Berlin Food Stories 

10. Eat in my Kitchen

Behind Eat in My Kitchen is Meike Peters, a likeable young woman who lives between Berlin and Malta. She’s also on a book tour and tends to her website acrobatically. Meet in Your Kitchen is a column that I especially like and is how she came to my attention. There she tries, as the name suggests, to get exciting personalities next to her oven. Fascinating stories emerge in which shared memories are at the forefront – an approach that centers around the consumption of food, but which does well through its variety. The dishes introduced circle around the idea of “comfort food”, the ingredients are sourced with care and mostly organic. Her favorite salt comes from Gozo – her husband’s family is from Malta – which has a large influence on her. Favorites: Fennel Chicken with Mint, Spinach with Cumin, Cinnamon, and Pomegranate and Zucchini with Dip.

Instagram: Eat in my Kitchen

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