Shopping List: Bridesmaid

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The lovely Alexandra Kruse has put together an excellent shopping list for doing everything right as a bridesmaid

We know Alexandra “Magic” Kruse from her report on what it’s like being a mermaid. In the meantime, she’s devoted herself to the metamorphosis into a bridesmaid and, with the assistance of her oracle of the heart, has put together a few helpful suggestions that anyone who wants to perform this honorable task both conscientiously and devotedly should take. In Alexandra’s case, it was the wedding of her friend Nina, who celebrated the big day in the Swiss mountains and in the colorful company of her best friends. Essentials: pink dresses, pizza, and sneakers.

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Six tips that all bridesmaids should take note of:

  1. Trust your intuition. The bride is hopefully one of your closest friends, so you KNOW her and most of her (secret) desires! And trust that there is a helping hand for every little job (and there are many!) – the excel/organization fairy is as important as the flower fairy, so honor sisterhood and make “what would the bride want” your collective mantra.
  1. Part of the game is protection, make sure there are no paparazzi, broomzillas, or evil godmothers near her. Make sure she has enough water, food, fun and, at some point remind her of how lucky she is.
  1. You are in service of the divine, so try to do your best at all times. That means no champanski overdose and absolutely NO Drama. This is not about you.
  1. In terms of your wardrobe, always – and I mean always – take a cashmere cardigan. Even if you are in a hot climate, those grande emozione will make you shiver.
  1. Crying is not optional and at some point in the game you will, so make sure your tissues are chic and your mascara is waterproof. Take sunglasses.
  1. A bachelorette party NEEDS a little cheesiness – so don’t be afraid to buy those donut pool floats and the t-shirt with “MRS” printed on it – even if there wasn’t an Excel sheet telling you to.

Love & Light


Alexandra Kruse

Alexandra Kruse completed her studies in Fashion Journalism and lost her heart to Elle Girl ten years ago. These days she writes from the heart and works as a stylist. Her work has appeared on huge billboards as well as in Vogue, Time Magazine, and numerous other publications. She lives in Switzerland with her little blonde son and her DJing, yoga-teaching boyfriend. Originally from a small German village she worked her way up the fashion ladder via magazines, department stores, and countless bars while spending a fortune on shoes and handbags. She finally found her love, luck, and light in Zurich and believes in unicorns, the power of crystals, and the magic of the moon. She loves to share her universe-approved stories.