Shop the Look: The Print Shirt

©Collage / Oriane Baud

The Print Shirt looks the best with blue oder black jeans. Veronika Heilbrunner knows all the details in our latest “Shop The Look”

Before I get dressed I check the weather (the WeatherPro app is the most precise) and decide on a matching pair of shoes. This spring though, everything runs a little differently, because print shirts are all I want to wear at the moment. It all started on that particular Wednesday of the Gucci Show in Milan, last february. Of course it had to be the “Ladybird” Superhero t-shirt – drawn by Benjamin Robinson, which was only available as a limited edition for Justin O’Shea’s SS16 trend presentation at

As it was a sunny, but rather unsettled day with cool temperatures (a typical Berlin spring day, so to say) I added an extra layer: in this case the ripped zip longsleeve by Wood Wood. In general I’m a fan of motif shirts paired with black or blue jeans. I also love the Mira Duma method,  that includes a nicely shaped, classic blazer or coat on top of the shirt, which might be too boring, when worn all by itself.

And of course accessories are key if you’re sporting a simple look. Black strap sandals, maybe even the patent leather version like Alexa’s by Aquazurra are the perfect contrast. Plus the embroidered Dionysus Bag by Gucci, as it looks more like a piece of jewelry than an actual bag.

Born and raised in Munich/Germany, Veronika’s professional career has developed from being a model to a fashion editor, to online luxury retailing and most recently style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany. She currently lives in Berlin where in the beginning of 2015 she started a company with Julia Knolle, the ex-editor at large of Vogue Digital.
Oh, and she loves pugs!