Selfmade Experts: Klaus Zinsmeister on bone broth

©Collage / Julia Zierer

For the last eight years I worked in New York as an investment banker on Wall Street, during that time I developed my passion for healthy and high-quality food. I’ve invested an enormous amount of effort in researching sustainable food. In the beginning of 2015, I hung up my banking suit and began to make the first broths in the kitchen of my loft in Tribeca, Manhattan. In parallel, I found the idea of vegan ice cream increasingly exciting. What was decisive for this step was the urge to create something myself – instead of sitting behind four computer screens in a skyscraper every day and falling into a latent passivity, which affected my search for food. My first tentative gastronomic steps were in the summer. A good friend of mine did a pop up art gallery and he let me offer my own creations to the public for the first time. It went quite well, so i further developed the concept of ice cream as a superfood.

I came to the the subject of bone broth during a classic juice cleanse. At the end of the day I longed for something warm and salty. Then I remembered that I had a good experience with a broth cleanse during my business studies: all the benefits of detoxification paired with a delicious taste. It’s not for nothing that bone broth is called the new super food. A high-quality, concentrated broth is also the basis for many dishes, but without the use of inferior and chemically manufactured broth cubes with flavor enhancers and a high concentration of salt: for hearty soups and sauces, for example. It’s a healthy replacement for daily coffee (yes, no joke).

For our broths we use high-quality organic, preferably regional, ingredients. Because we make our bone broth from bones, which often wrongly find their way to the trash, there’s the positive effect of the utilization of animal products. Keywords: Trash to table as the new food movement.

In New York I had a ritual of visiting the Union Square Farmers Market every Saturday morning. In general, organic farms in the US are qualitatively comparable to German (depending on their organic seal) but exist to a noticeably lesser extent quantitatively.

We’re currently operating a food lab in Berlin-Schoeneberg where we’re offering broth to go. A second broth bar is planned for the end of January in Berlin-Mitte. We also offer a catering service and our products can be ordered via E-Mail bestellt werden.


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Short Facts:

Grew up in Bavaria’s countryside. Business degrees from Ingolstadt and Georgia, USA. Then worked as an investment banker (Portfolio Manager for Fixed Income Products) in New York. Currently, in addition to Tribeca Superfood, I’m creating a innovative ice cream maker for the the hobby chef, which I’m building with a mechanical engineer friend – a Nespresso-style ice cream concept, so to speak.

Translation: Alicia Reuter