Recommended Watching: Love von Gaspar Noé

It was a difficult birth. The film screened in Cannes in 2015 by director Gasper Noé was only shown in Berlin at unsocial hours. Eventually I found myself, during the week after work, standing in line at Saturn (a huge media store) with a Blu-ray DVD – nostalgic for the old days – in my hands. For 15.99 Euro pure 2D fun, that was actually produced in 3D. The media dubbed it “anti-porn,” and in it the three main characters have a lot of sex, sometimes all together, but often “only” in pairs. Naturally, it aroused some tempers. Not only in a traditional sense, but also due to the plot and dialogue. It’s provocative art house cinema as could only be expected from Gasper Noé.

But it’s worth taking a look at the other players involved: the casting is noteworthy right after the first scene. Murphy (Karl Glusman) and Electra (Aomi Muyock) shine in their roles, their love (for each other) remains in the background – which is what really stayed with me in the end, even after the third full front shot of ejaculation on one of the main characters.

Beside them Klara Kristin, as a former grandmotherly neighbor, plays an important role. The Norwegian already has plenty of side projects and was recently featured in campaigns for Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein. Pure chance that Vincent Maraval, who also played a role in Blue is the Warmest Color, was behind the project as a producer? Regardless of the fact that the dialogue can be a bit tedious at times (good, perhaps there’s also too much visual distraction), it’s a well invested two hours and 20 minutes. But you have to be in the mood, because the film demands a lot from his audience.

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